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On Campus Astrology Classes

Astrology Classes at Burleigh Heads

Astrology Classes at Burleigh Heads

DISCOVER the wisdom of the ancients from award winning Australian Astrologer, Narelle Duncan.

THE TEACHER:  Narelle Duncan (Dip Astro; FAA Member; APA; Adv. Dip Nat; Cert IV Tng)
Narelle writes horoscope columns for Australian magazines and is the creator of the Soul Purpose Oracle Cards - a divination tool for getting in touch with your life purpose.  As an inspirational speaker and passionate teacher, Narelle provides insights into your past lives, life lessons and future direction.  Join Narelle's astro-gasmic classes to uncover yours and other's true potential and 'live your best life'!

COURSE CONTENT:  Narelle's 'Soul Centred' Astrology classes are designed for beginner through to advanced students.  Learn for personal interest or become a professional astrologer. Narelle will teach you how to cast and read horoscope charts and predict future trends. She uses a personalised approach and particularly focuses on the personality, it‛s gifts and challenges.

Personalised:  Discover how a natal horoscope chart reveals the psycho-emotional themes and life lessons chosen by an individual for soul development.  Help yourself, family, friends and clients with astrological and counselling tools to facilitate healing.   Learn how to decipher career potential, relationship compatibility, health matters, family themes and financial success - among a variety of personal life topics.

Global:  Classes begin with a look at the current day's planetary astrological positions and their impact and influences on the world stage, geographically, economically, politically and personally.

CLASSES:  Discover ‘Soul-centred‛ Astrology at Narelle‛s monthly classes or learn at your own pace with personalised one-on-one sessions.  Classes are held at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, Australia.  1st, 2nd and 3rd year class groups are conducted regularly along with introductory classes.

QUALIFICATION:  For those that are interested in formalising their Astrology skills— at the end of your studies and upon the successful completion of an examination process you will receive a Diploma of Astrology, recognised by the Federation of Australian Astrologers.


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