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2017 November Astro Forecast

Nov 01


2016 November Horoscope

Nov 01

scorpioSCORPIO (oct 24 – nov 22)

Happy Birthday Scorpio! Lucky you – the full moon on the 14th falls in your relationship sector to help you celebrate all that is ‘wonderful you’ with a loving partner. Perhaps you’ll celebrate another milestone year with a trip away. In fact, mixing business with pleasure is very much on the cards. So a trip overseas could easily be a tax right off if you can combine it with work! You’re a power-house when it comes to negotiations – so make it happen!

SAGITTARIUS (nov 23 – dec 21)

Seductress planet Venus is currently traversing your zodiac sign helping you weave your irresistible magic. It’s your time to play the pied piper and charm your followers. Your magnetism knows no bounds. Business negotiations should fare very well now helping turn any ventures into a profit. Your pockets will be lined with gold before you know it. Be sure to reinvest your fortune into another money making venture to make the most out of this period.

CAPRICORN (dec 22 – jan 20)

Well aren’t you the industrious one Capricorn! With go-getter Mars currently orbiting through your zodiac sign you have a bunch of energy and confidence at your disposal. If you find you can’t possibly complete all the tasks on your list make sure you start delegating to make the most out of this period. By the 9th of the month Mars will move into your money sector to help turn those ingenious ideas into money making ventures.

AQUARIUS (jan 21 – feb 19)

Feisty planet Mars is about to move into your zodiac sign on the 9th of the month. This should put a fire-cracker in your pants and get you moving. Armed with a bunch of energy and confidence you can achieve any task you put your mind to. In fact, it’s a good time for ingenious thinking and putting on your inventive cap. Then it’s just a matter of filtering your ideas into a project that you can actually manifest into reality!

PISCES (feb 20 – mar 20)

Work commitments could keep you busy this month as a bunch of planets cluster in your career sector. Are you contemplating a career move? If you’re not valued in your current position this could be on the cards. Pisces born around 1 – 5 March are well positioned to make changes by abandoning ship and moving on to a new vessel. The key is in finding something that gives you the breadth to expand your vision without the constriction of those in authority.

ARIES (mar 21 – apr 20)

How well are you sharing Aries? Selfishness may not be received well when someone is in need of your support. Things go well when you can freely give and support another particularly for Aries born around 4 – 11 April. Sharing your resources around will give you the advantage in negotiations and reflect in future returns. This is an auspicious time for tying the knot or entering into a serious union. Know that the timing is perfect for commitment.

TAURUS (apr 21 – may 20)

The full moon on the 14th falls in your zodiac sign this month to help cement bonds with a loved one. Things could get very romantic and mushy when you allow your vulnerabilities to show. Superficial chatter falls away to be replaced by deep and meaningful conversations. When you share your innermost feelings you invoke karmic connections that bond you closer together. Find ways to combine your resources successfully with your partner and bigger payouts will ensue.

GEMINI (may 22 – jun 21)

A serious conversation is waiting to be had with someone quite close to you. A person you’ve partnered up with in the past could be waiting for closure. Best not sweep things under the carpet and hope they’ll go away. You’d be better off to deal with the situation head on. Be fair and honest and matters will clear up quickly. Through the whole experience you’ll learn to put solid boundaries in place so everyone knows where you stand.

CANCER (jun 22 – jul 23)

If you let your emotions get the better of you this month your health could suffer. Deeply felt emotions are bubbling to the surface and need to be released. Find productive ways to express yourself so that you feel heard and understood. The problem with being such a wonderful giver means others don’t always recognise your needs. If you don’t speak up and let others know how to help you then they’ll never know how to fulfil your needs.

LEO (jul 24 – aug 23)

You are a mentor to those that look up to you. Your fun but no-nonsense approach helps everyone know exactly where the boundaries are. If you’ve ever considered working or being involved with children this could be a time when volunteering your time is very rewarding. You know exactly how to deliver a moral message through non-confrontational measures. Creative role playing is your biggest asset for teaching people a lesson.

VIRGO (aug 24 – sep 23)

Some major restructuring is going on which could be affecting your personal foundations. Are you currently renovating your home or perhaps yourself? Virgos born around the 7 – 14 September are particularly affected by a realignment of familial structures. Like the three little pigs, it’s important to ensure that anything you build in life is created with solid materials. Now you have a chance to investigate the sturdiness of your foundations and make any necessary repairs.

LIBRA (sep 24 – oct 23)

Well aren’t you popular this month Libra! Everyone wants you to attend their gathering making it fun to flit about from social occasion to social occasion. Make the most of networking and connecting with people that can make a difference in your life. Adventures are waiting around every corner, it’s just a matter of choosing which door you’ll go through. It doesn’t really matter which one you pick, each one is equally as good as the other!

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