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2017 April Astro Forecast

Apr 01


2016 April Horoscope

Apr 01

ariesARIES (mar 21 – apr 20)

Happy Birthday Aries! This could prove an interesting month when your ruler, go-getter Mars, commences his once in two-year retrograde through your life meaning sector. You could find yourself going over old habits and philosophising over the greater meaning of things. What is your purpose? Are you following your calling? Incidences that occur now can help you re-appraise your life direction. This period has a tendency to slow down daily progress so you’ll have the time to ‘smell the roses’.

TAURUS (apr 21 – may 20)

A contradiction of terms seems to surround you this month. At times you may feel like taking a leap of faith and wish to rush forward. Whilst at other times you may feel stagnated like your feet are in quicksand. There is no rhyme or reason which could prove difficult in knowing whether to push forward or sit back and wait. With Mars slowing down and retrograding this month you’d be wise to take a measured approach for a while.

GEMINI (may 22 – jun 21)

You’re the belle of the ball and have the ability to provide real motivation and inspiration within your social circles. At times you may want to rush forward as excitement builds. A sense of exhilaration comes from being spontaneous and taking a risk. Just be sure to initiate anything new before the 17th. From mid-month Mars retrograde could put a spanner in the works slowing down any projects you’ve been working on especially if it involves partnerships. Avoid unnecessary arguments!

CANCER (jun 22 – jul 23)

Someone or something at work could provide some unexpected changes that you weren’t counting on. This is likely to disrupt your sense of security, but if you remember that change is as good as a holiday, these workplace modifications could be to your benefit. Cancerians born 9-11 July are most likely impacted by upheavals. By the full moon on the 22nd you can find some respite through pleasure activities and hanging out with children.

LEO (jul 24 – aug 23)

Feel like going on a holiday Leo? A quick getaway before mid-month could prove very energising. A creative spark is being ignited in you and you need to find a suitable platform to express it. If you don’t find an imaginative outlet you may just burst at the seams. All kinds of adventures await you including romantic rendezvous, friendly frivolities and exciting new arrivals. As doer Mars travels through your fun sector for the next couple of months your challenge is to free yourself to play!

VIRGO (aug 24 – sep 23)

Residents within your abode could test your mettle this month as their presence all of a sudden just proves frustrating. The problem is likely to stem from old issues stirring to the surface to be dealt with. Any annoying habits may be intolerable now and goad you into having it out with the person. Taking on a philosophical approach can help you clear the air and relieve the tension. Clear boundaries and negotiated consequences should put things right.

LIBRA (sep 24 – oct 23)

It’s important to know exactly what you want this month. Procrastination could prove a liability. Clear communication is your ally when it comes to negotiating in 1-on-1 situations. Known opponents may try to thwart your progress but you have the heads up on the situation to counter-act. Your courage is being tested. Stay the course in the face of stumbling blocks and prove to yourself and others that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

SCORPIO (oct 24 – nov 22)

As Mars starts his retrograde motion through your money sector this month you could feel the pinch on your purse strings. Be wise when it comes to making investments. Delays are likely from the 17th and could hold things up for a couple of months. Patience will be your virtue. Take comfort in knowing that any restrictions felt now are not likely to be permanent. Things will begin to ease up by August and you can finally move forward with your plans.

SAGITTARIUS (nov 23 – dec 21)

You’re in for a complete overhaul this month Saggie! Mars has moved into your zodiac sign and will begin his retrograde motion on the 17th. This sees you slowing your daily pace down and reviewing personal situations. Reflecting on what you have and have not achieved could see you focussing on unfulfilled desires. You can use this time wisely to readjust your circumstances so they better fit the realisation of your goals.

CAPRICORN (dec 22 – jan 20)

You can’t sweep it under the carpet any longer. Those odd jobs around the home are waiting for you to complete them. A sudden unexpected burst of energy could see you putting together a working bee and finishing off those home projects. A do-over is not restricted to your residence alone. Inhabitants could also receive some uninvited improvement recommendations. If your advice is not warmly received perhaps wait to be asked before continuing.

AQUARIUS (jan 21 – feb 19)

You mightn’t be able to hold back on what you’re thinking this month. If you begin suffering from verbal diarrhoea perhaps remove yourself to avoid offence. Of course this all depends on whether you care about burning bridges. If someone has it coming to them you’re likely the person that will deliver. Whilst alienation is part of the process this period can also prove quite advantageous for motivating troops to a cause. Be brave and make a difference when you fight for the underdog!

PISCES (feb 20 – mar 20)

If you’ve been trying to make advancements in your career you may need to wait a little while longer. Going for that salary rise or applying for new positions may be put on the back burner. You can thank action planet Mars for any delays whilst he retrogrades through your vocation sector. Take it as a sign to reappraise what you really want and make a new plan to chase your dream job after he turns direct again in July!

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