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2016 March Horoscope

Mar 01

piscesPISCES (feb 20 – mar 20)

Happy Birthday Pisces! Lucky you! You have a total solar eclipse in your zodiac sign on the 9th. How will you celebrate? This eclipse is perfect for honouring you and initiating a new project that fills your soul with fulfilment. Important souls may enter your life now to provide a little gentle persuasion and direction to ensure you’re on the right track. Pay attention to your intuition and the subtle signs and messages your guides at presenting to you.

ARIES (mar 21 – apr 20)

Whilst some may be retreating into the shadows you are front and centre. The more you take charge the more you can get done. You have a lot of energy at your disposal which can be put to productive use. Equally you could feel restless and mis-direct your vigour into futile activities. Take a moment to consider the best course of action before spontaneously taking a leap of faith. You’ll thank yourself for taking the time when positive results roll in.

TAURUS (apr 21 – may 20)

Bright ideas contributed on the job could see you winning appraisal from those who count. Put all those ingenious thoughts swimming around in your head to practical use. Filter the best options and put them into action. You’ll feel better if you involve the group in your escapades. Collaborate projects could prove very inspiring and lead onto more fulfilling activities. The total solar eclipse on the 9th falls in your humanitarian sector enhancing your ability to make a real difference in the world.

GEMINI (may 22 – jun 21)

Your ruling planet, mischievous Mercury, is whizzing through the zodiac at the moment helping to highlight your learning, career and social life. If you’re currently involved in studies this could be advantageous to your career. Grow your knowledge base in subjects that can enhance your prospects in reaching your vocational desires. Network with those that will provide you with mentoring and point you in the right direction.

CANCER (jun 22 – jul 23)

With two eclipses occurring this month you could feel a little more sensitive than usual. The total solar eclipse on the 9th at 11:58am (AEST) falls in your life meaning sector. This could trigger you to contemplate on the bigger picture and seek further purpose. If life is not fulfilling, now is the perfect time for exploring new horizons to gratifying adventures. By the time the lunar eclipse arrives on the 23rd at 9.48pm (AEST) it’s likely you’ll have come to the conclusion that family is your most important asset. Fill your cup up with family love connections.

LEO (jul 24 – aug 23)

Feeling a little nostalgic Leo? Sentimental thoughts from the past may be filtering in stirring an urge for deeper connections. Adele’s “Hello” could be your anthem this month as you rekindle connections and reconcile old hurts. Karma plays its part and you are along for the ride. The eclipse on the 9th could expose you to look beneath the surface of things. Adopt a tender loving care approach to yourself as well as those that are important to you.

VIRGO (aug 24 – sep 23)

Focus is placed squarely on important partnerships this month as a bunch of planets, including your ruler – cheeky Mercury – resides in your relationship sector. Soft, sensitive moments spent with your lover should prove just the right cure for any ailments you’ve been suffering. The total solar eclipse on the 9th is particularly auspicious for you as it falls in your love sector. Use this time to bond with your most intimate connection and for those who are single, keep an eye out for that soul mate!

LIBRA (sep 24 – oct 23)

It could feel like your work is never done this month Libra. Sacrifices may need to be made during the immediate future but be careful not to participate in victim like behaviour. No need to martyr yourself. Just say no and move on. Keep a check on your fairness radar and be sure to keep a little in reserve for yourself. Burn out is a real possibility if you over commit yourself now. Permission yourself around taking some time out for fun and pleasure to balance out your workload.

SCORPIO (oct 24 – nov 22)

Feeling industrious Scorpio? We all know you have the determination to follow your desires through to completion. Your traditional ruler, competitive Mars, moves into your money sector this month to injection boost your finances. You have real money making potential when you are capable of moderating risk. This could involve overseas transactions or involvement with a foreigner. Let your creative juices flow and dream up big. The world is your oyster!

SAGITTARIUS (nov 23 – dec 21)

Feisty planet Mars enters your zodiac sign this month to inject a little vroom vroom vroom into your daily pace. You’re ready to take on that challenge and you have the discipline to see any task through to fruition. With Saturn at your side for the next couple of years you have the sense to not overstretch yourself which puts you in the perfect position for attaining realistic goals. You are primed to make an impression on those that count!

CAPRICORN (dec 22 – jan 20)

Gently, gently does it Capricorn. Soften your approach when dealing with individuals and you’ll get the outcome you’re looking for. Explore your sensitive side and you may be surprised at what little gems pop up this month. In fact you may be called upon to nurture someone who is in need of your sound and reassuring nature. Meaning and purpose is gained by opening your heart and letting it melt a little. No harm in showing others your vulnerable side.

AQUARIUS (jan 21 – feb 19)

You can shop till you drop this month Aquarius as temptress Venus moves through your zodiac sign. She’s enticing you to beautifying yourself and your surroundings. Gift yourself a makeover and feel good about yourself. A little self-care and love will do you the world of good. Of course your bank balance may suffer from a little overspending but you can always make it up later! Put your best face forward and bask in the admiration of others.