2018 February Astro Forecast

Feb 01

AQUARIUS – Happy Birthday Aquarius! It’s your month to shine with a bunch of planets in your sign this month. You’re a magnet for positive energy and a beacon for good fortune. Ask and you shall receive so make the most of your lucky streak.

PISCES – Channel your energy into career objectives this month to win the favour of higher ups. You can achieve a lot this month if you have a goal and a reasonable plan for reaching your objectives.

ARIES – Bust our your best outfit and get out on the town Aries, this is your month to socialise and connect with like-minded peeps. It’s the perfect time to start a new hobby or invest your time in a humanitarian cause.

TAURUS – If you combine your resources with another you have a real chance of achieving some sound results on projects this month. Keep abreast of new developments and consider how your input could make a difference.

GEMINI –  Got travel on your mind Gemini? Duck away for a quick get away if you can or at least make plans for an extended trip. It’s all about exploring your horizons and expanding your mind through education or travel.

CANCER – You could find detachment works a treat this month when dealing with significant others. Its advantageous to work towards the future than dwelling on the past. Commit to common goals and you’ll be on a winner.

LEO –  Love is in the air Leo but you may not necessarily see eye to eye. Taking on board your partner’s point of view may help to ease tensions that arise.  Its all about give and take with a healthy dose of independence when you need your space.

VIRGO – Think innovatively this month and you could be in the good books when it comes to working with colleagues and neighbours. Anyone within your immediate environment is privy to your genius this month.

LIBRA – It’s a fun month where focus is best put towards entertainment and enjoyment with friends. Throw a party and invite a bunch of peeps over to expand your friendship circle. Great things come from communicating at social events.

SCORPIO –  The home-front is where you can do some of your best work this month. Innovations at home can help you save time and connect with family members which better supports your home-work balance.

SAGITTARIUS – With action planet Mars in your sign this month you have energy at your disposal to burn. You may have itchy feet but you’ll benefit most if you create a productive plan to can channel your energy into.

CAPRICORN – February is the perfect month for doing your budget and making sure your future is financially secure. Get creative with your saving plan and consider ways to increase your earning potential.


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