2018 January Astro Forecast

Jan 01

CAPRICORN – Happy Birthday Capricorn!  This is your year for reaping rewards from past labours and establishing new goals and ambitions to be materialised over the next couple of years. Collaborate with like-minded peeps for added enhancement.

AQUARIUS – 2018 is the year to focus in on your career and life goals. You may need to take some time out alone to centre your thoughts before clarity is gained on exactly which way to move forward. Be patient and take your time.

PISCES – You may find that you feel most fulfilled when connecting with like-minded peeps and working on projects with a humanitarian objective. This could even involve a trip overseas for a worthwhile project that fills the soul with joy.

ARIES – This is a year of taking stock of your career, goals and ambitions. Pooling your resources may assist with materialising your grand plans. Roll up your sleeves, put your nose to the grindstone and your hard work will pay off.

TAURUS – 2018 is the year for establishing yourself and making real strides towards building your reputation. Take on a new course or expand your knowledge with on the job training to broaden your opportunities.

GEMINI –  2018 is a good year for knuckling down and getting all those mundane jobs and projects done. Timing can sometimes feel a little off and you may need to continue to make adjustments to complete what you’ve started.

CANCER – This year is all about the significant other. This is both for intimate and business partnerships. Make the most of connecting and committing to one-on-one relationships and finding the balance between give and take.

LEO –  You may find it a challenge in 2018 to juggle family and work commitments but you are due for a little expansion on the home-front. This can come in all forms from new family additions or renovations that keep you busy.

VIRGO – Children and creativity may highlight your year with much time dedicated to spending time on new projects. Think ambitiously with all you could achieve, have fun and ensure you invite your friends to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

LIBRA – 2018 could be the year for putting your money in sound investments like real estate.  Think smart with how you can capitalise on any purchases made this year. It’s about growing your money and making the most of your financial portfolio.

SCORPIO –  This is a growth year Scorpio as planet of plenty Jupiter moves through your sign. Expansion and exploration is your motto for 2018 so take up a new hobby and enjoy the adventure of expanding your horizons.

SAGITTARIUS – After a couple of hard task-master years you can finally take a breather and relax a little Saggie. Place your focus on saving your pennies and establishing a financial nest egg that will come in handy in the years to come.



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