2017 December Astro Forecast

Dec 01


2nd Dec: Venus in Sagittarius (3 weeks)

3rd Dec: Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius (3 weeks)

4th Dec: Full moon in Gemini

10th Dec: Mars in Scorpio

21st Dec: Saturn in Capricorn

22nd Dec: Sun in Capricorn

23rd Dec: Mercury turns direct in Sagittarius

To finish off the year Mercury turns retrograde on the 3rd just to add a little spice to the festive season. So don’t be surprised when your festive celebrations go a little awry or you turn up to the wrong gig! After a long hard haul for our Saggie’s, rule-maker planet Saturn finally departs Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn for the next two and a half years. Relief may flood our normally freedom loving Saggie’s but for our Capricorns they’re about to revel in this productive and results driven phase.


ARIES – As Mercury retrogrades through your travel sector for 3 weeks from the 3rd you may find transportation plans go awry. Double and triple check your departure before heading out the door to save frustration and have a back-up plan!

TAURUS – Old debts may resurface as Mercury retrogrades through your resources sector this month. All forms of repayments may need to be made to bring things back into balance. Breathe and time your time to work through it.

GEMINI –  If you find yourself arguing with your partner more often this month blame it on Mercury retrograde. Partnerships will need some extra work when it comes to communicating effectively with one another. Be patient!

CANCER – Everyday business is about to be disrupted as mischievous planet Mercury retrogrades through your duty sector. All forms of disruptions could plague your plans including technical glitches.

LEO –  This Mercury retrograde phase could prove quite beneficial to reviewing your leisure activities as Mercury retrogrades through your fun sector. Try out all kinds of enjoyable activities to see which ones fit best!

VIRGO – Your ruler Mercury is retrograding through your home sector this month to help you clean out your closets and declutter. Anything you’ve been putting off on the home front can no longer wait for your attention.

LIBRA – When it comes to communicating effectively you could find yourself suffering from “foot in mouth” frequently as Mercury retrogrades through your communication sector. Breathe and take a moment to collect yourself.

SCORPIO –  If your finances blow out this month you can blame it on Mercury retrograde as well as the festive season. It can be way to easy to overspend or make a mistake when it comes to your finances so try and keep a check on things.

SAGITTARIUS – Happy Birthday Sag! This could be an interesting month as Mercury retrogrades through your personal identity sector. You have the opportunity to refine and perhaps repurpose the way you project yourself out in the world.

CAPRICORN – With Mercury retrograding though your spiritual sector you may feel like you’re waiting for things to come together. But you may also not be too sure exactly what that is. You hope something is happening, but it’s hard to tell.

AQUARIUS – Sometimes when you choose to lean on friends, you find they’re already leaning on you, and then everybody just gets confused. This is likely while Mercury is retrograding through your friendship sector.

PISCES – Just when you think you can enjoy the limelight, you have to turn around and put some more spin on your tale to satisfy the onlookers. Polishing your image takes priority while Mercury is retrograding through your career sector.



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