2017 November Astro Forecast

Nov 01


4th Nov: Full Moon in Taurus

8th Nov: Venus in Scorpio (6 weeks)

23rd Nov: Sun in Sagittarius

Dreams are alive this month with a bunch of planets in the water signs of Scorpio and Pisces. This puts us all in the feeling zone and opens the doorway to some deep and meaningful conversations with loved ones. Whilst we not like everything we hear it provides the opportunity for deeper connections and understandings of what truly makes us tick.


ARIES – Selfishness may not be received well when someone is in need of your support. Things go well when you can freely give and support another as Jupiter moves into your combined resource sector for the next 12 months!

TAURUS – With Jupiter moved into your relationship sector for the next year the focus is on expanding and growing your most intimate and personal relationships. For singles this could mean opening yourself up to a new romance!

GEMINI –  A serious conversation is waiting to be had with someone quite close to you. Deep and meaningful messages help to reveal the truth and get to the heart of the matter. A lesson is learnt and growth is inevitable.

CANCER – This is a prosperous month for taking time out for pleasure and fun particularly as Jupiter has moved into your creative sector for the next 12 months. See enjoyment with children and find your child within.

LEO –  Home is where the heart is and no truer would could be spoken as Jupiter starts his 12 month visit to your family sector. This could mean expanding you home through renovations or buying and selling real estate.

VIRGO – Have you been considering taking up a new hobby or enrolling in a course. Anything that exposes you to a new way of thinking is favoured over the next 12 months as Jupiter hangs out in your learning sector.

LIBRA – With Jupiter hanging out in your assets sector for the next year you have the perfect opportunity to grow your net worth – both financially and psychologically. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to expand your horizons.

SCORPIO –  Happy Birthday Scorpio! Lucky you – Jupiter is now hanging out in your zodiac sign for the next 12 months bringing a whole new level of adventure. It’s your time to re-invent yourself.

SAGITTARIUS – After a couple of hardship years its reasonable that you may feel like retreating to an ashram of health retreat for some TLC. Spiritual rejuvenation is on the cards for the next year as Jupiter transits your divine sector.

CAPRICORN – Your hopes, dreams and wishes are getting a workout as Jupiter moves into your social sector for the next 12 months. Connect with like-minded people, form a group and do some good in the world.

AQUARIUS – Career aspirations stimulate a whole new direction in your life goals as Jupiter traverses your ambition sector for the year. Turn over a new leaf and take advantage this growth phase.

PISCES – If you haven’t already planned your overseas trip now is the time to get busy dreaming. Jupiter is hanging out in your travel sector for a year helping your broaden your horizons through education and travel.



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