2017 October Astro Forecast

Oct 01


5th Oct: Full moon in Aries

11th Oct: Jupiter in Scorpio (12 months)

15th Oct: Venus in Libra

23rd Oct: Mars in Libra

24th Oct: Sun in Virgo

With a bunch of planets hanging out in the sharing sign of Libra it’s a perfect time for bringing balance into your life. Peace, harmony and pleasure are the focus in relationships. The new moon on the 19th is ideal for initating plans that bring a whole new level of fairness to your environment. Whilst Librans are ending an abundant 12-month phase of expansion, Scorpios are welcoming it in as Jupiter moves into their sign for the year. Prepare yourself for new adventures.


ARIES – The full moon on the 6th falls in your zodiac sign this month. Celebrate all the awesomeness that you are and make the most of this auspicious time. Call in any favours and enjoy the support of loved ones.

TAURUS – This is a creative month where brainstorming can get your ideas juices flowing to come up with some ingenious plans. Filter the best and you’ll likely to come up with a real winner that’s easily manifested into reality.

GEMINI –  Ideas are flowing with abundance you just need to choose the best and implement it or else you run the risk of scattering your thoughts to the wind. Creative projects begun now will reap many rewards down the track.

CANCER – Harmony on the home front takes precedence this month. You could find yourself putting a lot of time and effort into keeping the peace at home. The rewards are worth it when the family give back in abundance.

LEO –  Time to be practical with money and consider tangible ways of increasing your assets. Ideas come from networking with others and brainstorming. You may even find a silent investor to partner up with.

VIRGO – With lover planet Venus and lustful Mars moving through your zodiac sign this month focus could be diverted to your love life. Celebrate with a little more spontaneous romantic events to lure your lover.

LIBRA – Happy Birthday Libra! Make the most of abundant Jupiter bringing you prosperity as he prepares to leave your zodiac sign after a 12 month visit. The best way to celebrate is by sharing your good luck and fortune.

SCORPIO –  Your fortune is about to take a lucky turn as generous planet Jupiter moves into your zodiac sign for a 12 month visit on the 11th. It’s time for grasping opportunities that knock on your door!

SAGITTARIUS – It’s been an arduous year for many Sagittarians thus far but this month could bring you a little reprieve. Take some time out with friends and enter the social scene for a little frivolity and relaxation.

CAPRICORN – You’ve got the gift of the gab at work this month as communicator planet Mercury travels through your career sector. You can put on the charm and convince anyone to help you out to the benefit of all.

AQUARIUS – Are you thinking about a change on the career front Aquarius? Opportunistic planet Jupiter moves into your goal sector this month to help fulfil our dreams and wishes for the future.

PISCES – Combining your resources with a significant other can help you increase your assets this month. Consider opportunities that are fair and benefit both of you before you move ahead.



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