2017 September Astro Forecast

Sep 01


5th Sep: Mercury turns direct in Leo

6th Sep: Full moon in Pisces

6th Sep: Mars in Pisces

21st Sep: Venus in Virgo (6 weeks)

23rd Sep: Sun in Libra

With a bunch of planets hanging out in the Virgin sign of Virgo this month thoughts may turn to health and service. Book-in for your annual check-up to make sure you’re in tip-top shape. Eat clean food, fresh water and get some exercise. Then top it all off by offering your services to a worthy cause. You’ll be feeling squeaky clean inside and out with this Spring cleaning for the soul!


ARIES – Fun, fun, fun is the motto this month as a bunch of planets hang out in your pleasure sector. Leisure and enjoyment are the pursuits that help you balance out all the hard work you’ve been doing over the past few months.

TAURUS – Is it time to liven up your household? If your home needs a facelift a fresh lick of paint and an invitation to friends could be the ticket to an exciting new look. Be bold and creative with any new projects you decide to take on.

GEMINI –  With your ruler Mercury turning direct on the 5th things should begin to get back to normal for you by mid month. If you’ve been experiencing delays over the past few weeks you should find they can now move forward.

CANCER – it is possible that a lot of time, money and effort go into children and family at the moment. Consider ways to make your ventures profitable. Get creative and have fun with your ideas to reap the most benefits.

LEO –  With lover planet Venus moving through your zodiac sign this month your charms could prove irresistible. Now’s the time for pitching that idea to your boss or asking that favour from a friend. It is difficult for people to say no to you right now.

VIRGO – Happy Birthday Virgo! The new moon on the 20th yields a whole new beginning for you. How will you re-invent yourself. What projects will you initiate. The world is your oyster!

LIBRA – Whilst last month was about hibernation, winter has now finished and Spring has sprung to inject you into the social arena. Join groups and organisations with like-minded people where you can make a real difference in the world.

SCORPIO –  Use your beguiling charms wisely this month and you could enchant many with your irresistible spell. This helps you not only promote yourself and gives you the added bonus of advancing yourself on the career front.

SAGITTARIUS – Freedom is the calling card this month so if you can take a holiday now’s the time to do it. Creative pursuits can equally provide you with the outlet to freely express yourself and give you new meaning and purpose.

CAPRICORN – Combing your efforts and resources with another can help you progress with your goals and ambitions. Now is not the time to go it alone. Say yes to a helping hand and consider ways to benefit together.

AQUARIUS – Relationships take precedence this month. This could mean a family member, loved one or boss is taking up more time and attention than usual. Take it as an opportunity to have fun with meeting their needs.

PISCES – The full moon on the 6th falls in your zodiac sign this month. Whatever projects you’ve been working on lately now have the chance to come to fruition. Gifts and generosity are your bounty.



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