2017 August Astro Forecast

Aug 01


8th Aug: Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

13th Aug: Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo (3 weeks)

21st Aug: Solar Eclipse in Leo

23rd Aug: Sun in Virgo

27th Aug: Venus in Leo (6 weeks)

With Mercury retrograding through Virgo, a sign that it rules, chaos could ensue! Our normally efficiently organised Virgonian style could go out the window! No amount of fastidious systemising is likely to prevent the disruptions Mercury brings. In fact, we’re better off to prepare for them have have alternative plans if we truly want to be organised! To add to this the eclipses this month fall in Leo/Aquarius helping us find balance between putting ourselves in the spotlight and blending with the crowd.


ARIES – Time to get creative Aries with a bunch of planets, including your ruler, adventurous Mars, hanging out in your creative sector. What will you create? Be spontaneous and the adventure is likely to be exhilarating!

TAURUS – You home sector comes alive this month with plenty of people coming and going from your household. It’s not the time for peace and quiet but rather throwing a party and celebrating with friends.

GEMINI –  You’re ruler Mercury begins its retrograde period on the 13th in your family sector. Thinking of renovating or moving? Whilst now is not the time to hit the trigger on actions it is the time for planning them.

CANCER – The lunar eclipse on the 8th and solar eclipse on the 22nd fall in your assets and resource sector. Have you been considering consolidating loans or perhaps combining resources? Work on re-planning your resources and budget.

LEO –  Happy Birthday Leo! You have everything going for you this month. You’re simply very attractive and irresistible as the eclipse on the 22nd falls in your sign. People find it difficult to say no to you. Make the most of the magic that surrounds you.

VIRGO – As your ruler, mischievous Mercury, retrogrades for 3 weeks in your sign from the 13th it’s a good time for a mini-makeover. Reappraise yourself and environment and make any necessary adjustments to facilitate greater contentment.

LIBRA – It’s likely to be a busy month with plenty of social engagements ahead of you. Just be sure you double and triple check your appointments with others before heading out the door if you wish to avoid disappointment of mis-timings.

SCORPIO –  You could be feeling more determined than ever to surge ahead with ambitions this month as Mars hangs out in your career sector. Get your best work done before the 13th to avoid the pitfalls of Mercury retrograde.

SAGITTARIUS – An overseas trip is likely to bring a plethora of stimulating interactions with interesting people, some of which are very influential. If travel over water is not possible, get out and about and explore your local community.

CAPRICORN – As Mercury retrograde transits through your travel sector you could find yourself experiencing disruptions to travel plans. Have a back-up plan and take schedule disruptions in your stride to help alleviate the stress.

AQUARIUS – The lunar eclipse on the 8th falls in your zodiac sign helping to bring rewards and benefits from previous hard work. Gifts can prove particularly abundant in relationships during the solar eclipse on the 22nd.

PISCES – As Mercury retrogrades through your relationship sector for 3 weeks from the 13th you have the chance to re-evaluate your most important one-on-one relationships. This allows you to make readjustments where necessary.



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