2017 July Astro Forecast

Jul 01


9th June: Full Moon in Capricorn

21st July: Mars in Leo (6 weeks)

23rd July: Sun in Leo

Considering how you successfully fulfill your needs could take priority this month as both the Sun and Mars move through nurturing Cancer. Thoughts may turn to family matters and connecting with those you love. Bake a cake, feed a stray and help out a friend for a truly rewarding experience.


ARIES – This month could see you being a little more reactive than usual when it comes to household members as feisty Mars moves through your family sector. Blow-ups bubble to the surface and can help air areas of frustration.

TAURUS – The handling of your assets could be more prevalent this month as your ruler, Venus, moves through your financial sector. Venus loves the value of a dollar so you now have the opportunity to save for a rainy day.

GEMINI –  With a bunch of planets moving through your money sector you may be tempted to spend a little more than your budget allows this month. Needs arise that could have you spending more than you expected so save where you can.

CANCER – Happy Birthday Cancer! The full moon on the 9th falls in your relationship sector this month making it the perfect time to celebrate with loved ones. Gather all your favourite friends and family and tell them how much your care.

LEO –  If you’re feeling a little like a hermit this month it could be good to find a bit of alone time for yourself. Every one in a while reflection can be helpful to put perspective on things. Now’s the perfect time for taking stock of your situation.

VIRGO – Discovering the true value of your worth may come through colleagues and bosses this month as their unsolicited views about you reach your ears. What they say helps reveal just how much people appreciate you.

LIBRA – Career matters take priority this month as a bunch of planets hang out in your goals and ambitions sector. You may choose to change tack if what you’re currently doing does not meet your needs satisfactorily.

SCORPIO –  A little overseas travel this month could be just what you need to lift your spirits. If you haven’t already got a trip  booked then a quick weekend getaway or planning the next trip will equally do the trick.

SAGITTARIUS – Deep and meaningful conversations can help you connect with another at a more significant level drawing you closer together. Resourcefulness can help you create something greater than you normally would on your own.

CAPRICORN – As the full moon on the 9th and several other planets hang out in your relationship sector it’s the perfect time for celebrating with your lover. For singles not yet loved up put yourself out there for meeting Mr of Miss Right.

AQUARIUS – Even the most insignificant daily chore can bring a new sense of meaning to life this month. A little nurturing goes a long way and yields the most rewards. Keeping it simple is simply better.

PISCES – Inspiration abounds as a bunch of planets hang out in your creative sector this month. Apply your artistic talents to leisurely pursuits and you may be surprised at just how much it helps others and yourself heal.



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