2017 June Astro Forecast

Jun 01


5th June: Mars in Cancer (6 weeks)

9th June: Full Moon in Sagittarius

9th June: Jupiter turns direct in Libra

16th June: Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces (5 months)

22nd June: Sun in Cancer

With Mars moving into Cancer this month our direction could turn to matters of nurturing and family. Not the most comfortable position for Mars to hang out in, we could be exposed to passive-aggressive behaviours when it comes to people trying to meet their needs. Clearly express your needs and give those around you a wide berth if you sense hostility seething underneath the surface.


ARIES – Your ruler Mars moves into your home sector this month to turn your focus to family matters. This could bring much activity to your home with people coming and going. Home improvements could also prove rewarding.

TAURUS – The highlight this month is communicating effectively in relationships as both Mercury and Venus hang out in your zodiac sign. Now’s not the time to hold back if you need to let someone know how you feel about them.

GEMINI –  Happy Birthday Gemini! This is a busy month as a bunch of planets hang out in your zodiac sign. Your ruler Mercury joins them on the 7th to add to the mix and volumise your already abundant communication skills!

CANCER – With feisty Mars moving through your zodiac sign this month you’ll get an extra boost of courage. Energy abounds and supports you in taking risks. Be spontaneous, do something different and act on your dreams.

LEO –  Your ruler, the Sun, is currently moving through your hopes and dreams sector. This helps illuminate thoughts of goals and ambitions yet to be realised. Take note and consider how you can materialise them.

VIRGO – On the 7th your ruler, Mercury, will move into your career sector to emphasise your communication skills on the job. New training opportunities can also help to progress you along your career goals. Speak up and you’ll be heard!

LIBRA – As Mars moves into your career sector this month you have abundant energy at your disposal to make a real impression to those that count. Avoid the pitfalls of disagreements and make the most of this planetary alignment!

SCORPIO –  Venus moves into your relationship sector this month to help you evaluate what’s most important about your intimate relationships. This allows you the opportunity to find real pleasure and connection with your lover.

SAGITTARIUS – On the 9th the Full Moon falls in your zodiac sign in your relationship sector. Here’s your opportunity to shine light on your important relationships and enjoy the benefits it offers. Celebrate your special connections.

CAPRICORN – Fiesty Mars moves into your relationship sector this month whilst Venus finishes moving through your family sector. This could heat things up with loved ones. Passions are fuelled, just be careful not to get burnt!

AQUARIUS – Lover planet Venus unites with your ruler Uranus on the 4th to bring some spark to your love-life. Do something original and different to add some spice to your romantic life. Beautify your home and revel in the pleasure it brings.

PISCES – Creativity abounds as motivator Mars moves into your fun sector. It’s pleasureville time and you get to party. Enjoy your friendships and inspire those around you to relax and not take things too seriously.



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