2017 May Astro Forecast

May 01


3rd May: Mercury turns direct in Aries

11th May: Full Moon in Scorpio

Give yourself an extra week once Mercury turns direct for things to speed up and get back to normal. The combination of Mercury and Venus in fast pace Aries could make us all a little impatient to get things moving along. Equally action planet Mars is in Gemini to quicken the pace too. This is great for those of us who have a little more of the “slow loris” in us, but for those of us who are hard-wired with impatience, this could be an overwhelming month.


ARIES – Ideas abound as your ruler Mars transits your communication sector. Networking could see you making excellent connections and making awesome plans that present lasting rewards.

TAURUS – Happy Birthday Taurus! Solitude can help refuel your batteries and regenerate your soul. Find your special quiet haven and chill out for a while. You may be surprised at new inspirations arise.

GEMINI –  With Mars transiting through your zodiac sign this month you should have fire in your belly and wind in your sails. Much can be achieved if you put your mind to it and channel that energy into productive pursuits.

CANCER – Now that Mercury and Venus are direct, the things you’ve been contemplating, particularly if they have to do with goals and career, can be put into forward motion. Previous road blocks should dissipate and doorways begin to open.

LEO –  Discussions at work could reveal opportunities for career changes and promotions. Consider asking for that raise or look for other benefits aligned to your worth and contributions. Bosses are more congenial to you now.

VIRGO – Finally your ruler, Mercury moves direct on the 3rd and by mid month moves into your travel sector. Are you thinking of taking an overseas holiday? Now’s the perfect time for planning your next trip!

LIBRA – Relationships take sharp focus this month as you ruler Venus completes her journey through your intimate sector. Here she helps you appreciate the balance of give and take in your most important relationships.

SCORPIO –  The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 11th should prove a culminating day for bringing your goals to fruition. Ideas put forward now are likely to be supported and you can gain traction after a couple of slow months!

SAGITTARIUS – This is a great month for mixing with friends and loves ones. Social connections bring unexpected opportunities and an innate drive that helps you take advantage of them.

CAPRICORN – This is an advantageous month for taking strides along your goal path. Career moves can materialise now and bring great rewards. Measured risks yield the best profits and set you up for greater things to come.

AQUARIUS – Mercury unites with your ruler Uranus on the 10th to fill your head with innovative and amazing new ideas. From there it’s a matter of filtering those that hold the greatest potential and bring them to fruition.

PISCES – Mercury and Venus are now moving forward in your money sector after a couple of slow months. Money now flows freely and you can take real advantage of growing your assets. Make the most of doubling your money this month!



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