2017 April Astro Forecast

Apr 01


6th Apr: Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius (5 months)

9th Apr: Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus (3 weeks)

14th Apr: Venus turns direct in Pisces

11th Apr: Full Moon in Libra

20th Apr: Sun in Taurus

22nd Apr: Mars in Gemini (6 weeks)

That’s right peeps Mercury turns retrograde this month to help us review our situations. Take a deep breath and ride the disruptions like a pro! In turn Venus finally finishes her retrograde phase by mid month wrapping up a 6 week review of our relationships. This makes the second week of the month particularly tricky to navigate while both Mercury and Venus are retrograde. My best tip – don’t retaliate if someone pushes your buttons!


ARIES – Happy Birthday Aries! With your ruler Mars marching through your money sector and Mercury and Venus retrograding it’s a good time to take stock of your budget. Are your checks and balances leaving you in the red or black?

TAURUS – With Mercury retrograding through your sign for most of the month you could find yourself the target of disruptions and mis-schedulings. Pull out your tenacious patient side and ride through ups and downs.

GEMINI –  With your ruler Mercury retrograding through your social sector this month prepare to double and triple check your appointments and itinerary before stepping out your front door. You’ll be glad you did when you save yourself time and money.

CANCER – With Venus still retrograding through your career sector and the Full Moon on the 11th in your home sector you have the chance to balance work and family life. All kind of improvements can be considered now.

LEO –  Mercury spends most of the month retrograding through your career sector helping you to review your career decisions. Now is not the time to make radical decisions but rather re-evaluate where your best efforts should be directed.

VIRGO – With your ruler Mercury retrograding through your belief sector this month you have plenty of food for thought. Consider what works for you and what doesn’t and then make the necessary readjustments.

LIBRA – Your ruler Venus begins its retrograde process through your health and service sector. Book yourself in for a general check-up and take any delays in your stride. Meanwhile Mercury retrogrades through your relationship sector.

SCORPIO –  If you’re feeling misunderstood in your most important one-on-one relationships this month chock it up to Mercury retrograde in your relationship sector. Pay attention to issues that need revaluating and find solutions.

SAGITTARIUS – Your daily schedule could be thwart with misadventures with Mercury retrograde this month. Even technology could be affected leaving you high and dry at the last minute. Avoid the hassle with a back-up system.

CAPRICORN – Weighing up your options could be useful while Mercury retrogrades through your creative sector. Consider current projects and new projects you’d like to work on and make a plan of execution.

AQUARIUS – Family members could be a little more combative than usual as Mercury retrogrades through your family sector. Avoid the temptation to retort when things don’t go to plan. Made a little room for contingency plans.

PISCES – Miscommunications could plague you this month as Mercury retrogrades through your communication sector. Prepare to re-explain yourself in a variety of ways to get your message across.



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