2017 March Astro Forecast

Mar 01


4th Mar: Venus turns retrograde in Aries (6 weeks)

13 Mar: Full Moon in Virgo

21st Mar: Sun in Aries (4 weeks)

11th Mar: Mars in Taurus (6 weeks)

With Venus in Aries we are already a little off balance as Venus moves through the sign of her detriment. By the 4th she begins her retrograde phase til the 14th April. This puts focus on re-appraising all our relationships – the good, the bad and the ugly. Some will require rebalancing, whilst others may require discarding. By the end of this cycle you can feel free to move forward with your most production relationships.


ARIES – Whilst some may be retreating into the shadows you are front and centre. The more you take charge the more you can get done. With your ruler Mars in your sign, you have a lot of energy at your disposal which can be put to productive use.

TAURUS – You could find yourself working a little more behind the scenes this month when your ruler Venus turns retrograde. While your taken out of the spotlight you can use your time wisely with industrious pursuits.

GEMINI –  Venus retrogrades through your social sector this month helping you to focus in on what you value most in your friendships. Are you happy with your current situation or do you need to make some changes?

CANCER – Events at work can help you re-evaluate your worth in the workplace. Are you truly valued for your contributions? If not, you might like to review the way you currently handle things or look for new opportunities where you’re appreciated.

LEO –  Serious conversations could lead to a better understanding of what you truly believe in. This helps fortify where your values lie and what’s important to you, so much so that you could find yourself battling to stand up for your rights.

VIRGO – The full moon on the 12th falls in your zodiac sign Virgo! This could bode well for personal and business relationships alike. Take advantage of this culminating energy to bring things to fruition and reap rewards.

LIBRA – Your relationships get a workover as Venus retrogrades through your relationship sector this month. Do you value your partner and do they value you? Renegotiate how you fulfil each others needs to mutually beneficial outcomes.

SCORPIO –  Pull in the reigns on your spending this month and you’ll be able to meet mundane expenditures. Splurge on luxury items and you could find yourself short and in the red. Either way you’ll learn a lesson on the value of a dollar!

SAGITTARIUS – Your creative juices should be flowing as both the New Moon on the 28th and Venus retrogrades through your ideas sector this month. Just wait til Venus moves direct on April 15 before implementing that project.

CAPRICORN – A mini-makeover on your home could be just the ticket to breathing new life into your abode whilst capitalising on your assets. Do your research to ascertain the best value for money projects to work on.

AQUARIUS – Hastily spoken witty words could see you in hot water this month. As well intended you may have been others might not see the value in your words. Avoid disagreements by resisting snappy comebacks.

PISCES – Happy Birthday Pisces! As money planet Venus retrogrades through your assets sector this is the perfect time for reviewing your finances.  Tally up your expenditures and incomes and ensure you’re in the black.



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