2017 February Astro Forecast

Feb 01


4th Feb: Venus in Aries (8 weeks)

6th Feb: Jupiter turns retrograde in Libra (4 months)

11th Feb: Lunar Eclipse in Leo

19th Feb: Sun in Pisces (4 weeks)

27th Feb: Solar Eclipse in Pisces

This month marks a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 11th and a Solar Eclipse in Pisces on the 27th! Eclipses can be signposts to things coming to fruition (lunar eclipse) and new beginnings (solar eclipse) especially for the zodiac signs they fall in. Aries may also feel the benevolence of Venus moving through their sign this month to bring an added boost of the love factor (along with other fire signs – Leo and Sagittarius; and to some extent the air signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius).


ARIES – You have abundant energy at your disposal this month as your planetary ruler, Mars moves through your zodiac sign. Impulsive you may be, but you’ll get lots done during this productive time.

TAURUS – Working behind the scenes could prove a blessing in disguise. You may not be noticed at the moment but that should suit you down to the ground. Keeping a low profile could keep you out of trouble.

GEMINI –  Get creative when it comes to career goals and ambitions. Dream big and take a risk. You never know what could be waiting around the corner. Mixing within social circles could be just the trick to opening doors to new opportunities.

CANCER – Beware the person that crosses your path this month. You or they could be biting off more than they can chew. Keep your opinions to yourself if you don’t want to have a disagreement.

LEO –  Have you thought about studying something new and interesting? Pick up a short course and broaden your knowledge. It’s the perfect time for expanding your mind and exploring new horizons.

VIRGO – Partnerships take centre focus this month when mutual money matters require your attention. It’s all good business to keep a running check on expenditures and incomings!

LIBRA – With lucky planet Jupiter hanging out in your zodiac sign you are the lucky one particularly when it comes to relationships. Find the balance between fulfilling yours and your lover’s needs.

SCORPIO –  It’s a busy month ahead when day-to-day responsibilities keep you on the trot. Try and make some time to relax and regenerate your batteries. Burn-out is the potential here if you don’t pace yourself.

SAGITTARIUS – You’ll need to play by the rules this month Saggie. Higher ups are watching over you to ensure you don’t step out of line. Stay within the boundaries and you’ll come out the other side with some real wins.

CAPRICORN – A frantic pace can be set at home as family members keep things busy. Changes are afoot and you’ll need to adjust to keep things flowing successfully. A little argy-bargy may be required before agreements are met!

AQUARIUS – Happy Birthday Aquarius! This is a great month for networking and circulating where influential people can make a real difference in your life. Attend each invitation and put yourself out there!

PISCES – Are you watching your finances Pisces? Temptation seems to be everywhere leaving your wallet empty. Try and stick to a budget if you can’t afford to go over your balance this month!


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