2017 January Astro Forecast

Jan 01


3rd Jan: Venus in Pisces (3 weeks)

8th Jan: Mercury turns direct

12th Jan: Full Moon in Cancer

20th Jan: Sun in Aquarius (4 weeks)

28th Jan: Mars in Aries (6 weeks)

We start off the year with Mercury retrograde so don’t be surprised if the year starts off a little slower than usual. Mark the 8th in your diaries for when Mercury moves direct and things begin to pick up again. On the 3rd Venus moves into sensitive Pisces to turn up the volume of fantasy and romance in our love lives for three weeks – time to get smoochy with your lover or find your Prince/Princess especially around the full moon on the 12th – 13th! When the Sun moves into Aquarius on the 20th its the perfect time for connecting with social groups and supporting a humanitarian cause.


ARIES – This is a year of taking stock of your relationships and finding a balance between give and take! The perfect balance is finding time for that well deserved overseas holiday in 2017. For singles a vacation romance could be on the cards.

TAURUS – 2017 is a nose to the grindstone kind of year where you can take real stock of opportunities at work and in your day to day environment. Make the most of the little moments and leave the future to sort itself out.

GEMINI –  Fun fun fun is your motto for 2017. Expanding your friendship circles and enjoying life is the them of this year. Love surrounds you and you can take a few risks to explore your horizons.

CANCER – Home is where the heart is and this is the year for buying and selling real estate or doing renovations to capitalise on your investment. Domestic bliss is the destination for 2017 so embrace your family and mend bridges where needed.

LEO –  Networking and communicating is the key to your success in 2017. Whether it’s neighbours, colleagues or siblings you’ll need to circulate and ensure your message is sent with clarity when starting projects.

VIRGO – Grow your money Virgo. 2017 is ripe with opportunities to prove yourself when it comes to promotions and receiving a raise. Making sound investments, particularly in real estate may enhance your financial situation!

LIBRA – 2017 is a year for stepping outside your comfort zone and doing something new and exciting. It’s an explorative year for being brave and expanding yourself through mentors and colleagues. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities.

SCORPIO –  Check in with your guides, listen to your intuition and take measured steps is the approach for 2017. The breaks may be put on your finances, but if you go with your gut you’ll know exactly how to make solid plans that will prove fortuitous.

SAGITTARIUS – Whilst your spirit of generosity sees you involved in helping others, particularly in community settings, this could put a strain on you. Beware of over-stretching yourself and reign it in a little to balance things out.

CAPRICORN – Happy Birthday Capricorn!  Are you feeling responsible? This is your year for taking the lead and shouldering the hard stuff. Great rewards come from committing to your goals.

AQUARIUS – Have you thought about taking a holiday lately? It’s time for your to take a rest and treat yourself to an overseas adventure. Pack your bags and go on an extended trip to explore your horizons and social circles!

PISCES – 2017 is your year for consolidating career aspirations and getting ahead. It may mean you need to shoulder a few extra responsibilities but the rewards will be worth it. Combine your efforts with a like-minded other to advance yourself!



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