2015 May Horoscope

May 01

Taurus horoscopeTAURUS (apr 21 – may 20)
Happy Birthday Taurus! It’s your time to shine. The full moon on the 4th falls in your love sector to add a dusting of magical romance to your life. This helps to enrich current relationships and open your heart to new ones. Unconscious desires are stirring. This helps to compel you towards deeper connections and intimate unions. This may be particularly so for Taureans born around 6 May. Powerful forces are at work urging you to look more deeply into what you desire and what brings satisfaction. From the 8th your ruling planet, luscious Venus, moves into your learning centre to help you discover more about yourself and others. In fact someone you connect with on the 16th can be significant in revealing hidden affections. Dreams of being whisked away on a romantic getaway could save you from life’s reality on the 17th. Forget about work and bask in the fantasy for a while and enjoy yourself. Things could get a little intense on the 22nd when forces beyond your control steam up and put you in the hot seat. This helps to bring things to a head and reveals the heart of the matter. You’ll know whose worthy of your love and loyalty by the 28th when support comes from the most unexpected places.

GEMINI (may 22 – jun 21)
Life just gets more interesting as your ruler, mischievous Mercury, moves into your star sign this month. Initially this could put you at odds with another on the 3rd when your different ways of thinking hit loggerheads. Co-operation is likely to be renewed on the 9th when you come to a mutual understanding. This helps pave the way to a successful union that benefits you both in the future. Pay attention and get feedback to ensure you fully understand the situation. If you don’t truly listen you could end up in a misunderstanding on the 10th. Make sure you’re all on the same page before the 12th when feisty Mars moves into your star sign. He increases the urge to act and ask questions later which could put you in hot water if you don’t have your stories straight. Altercations are likely on the 15th if you haven’t sorted things out. You could easily be brought to account if you haven’t been following the rules. This could put you in the spotlight on the 21st and not necessarily in a good way. Play by the rules if you would to like stay in the good books. Geminis born around 25 May could find themselves being reprimanded on the 23rd when an authority lays down the law. Say you’re sorry you’ll be rapidly moving forward on the 27th when your ruler Mercury and Mars unite. Use your energy wisely and you’ll be in productive mode.

CANCER (jun 22 – jul 23)
The full moon on the 4th could leave you feeling a little overwhelmed when your social calendar goes into overdrive. Plenty of options on the table could leave you stretched a little thin as you endeavour to meet all your social obligations. Attending engagements on the 6th could lead to powerful alliances when you meet someone very influential. This could even lead to a romantic interlude on the 8th when lover planet Venus moves into your star sign. Like moths to a flame, your magnetism draws others to your inner circle. Your popularity is on hyper-drive as people want to hang around you. The 16th is perfect for organising a get-together at home with individuals that are close to your heart. Those that attend show you real loyalty and demonstrate their trust worthiness. You’ll be in loved-up land on the 17th if you follow your heart. The new moon on the 18th supports your time in pleasure-ville and encourages social interaction. Its play-time and you’re the guest of honour at the party. This could leave partners feeling a little neglected on the 22nd. Cancerians born around the 8 July may particularly battle between lapping up the limelight and dealing with jealousy. Exposure is likely on the 26th when unexpected events blow things out of proportion. A war of words could ensue on the 27th but you’ll have a chance to make-up on the 28th.

LEO (jul 24 – aug 23)
You’re on a roll but will you be able to keep up with the pace? Momentum builds on the 4th as your ruler, the Sun connects with abundant planet Jupiter. You have good fortune on your side but it can also throw you into overwhelm. If you can harness the opportunities on your doorstep you have the power to influence outcomes on the 6th. Hand-pick your allies on the 9th and inspire them with your plans on the 10th. A sensitive touch on the 12th will go a long way in awakening a spiritual experience that leads to a new sense of purpose. Leos born around 27 July will need to channel their inner boss on the 15th to keep things on track. The new moon on the 18th falls in your career sector to initiate new goals on the work front. The 21st affords you the chance to brainstorm and mull over your options. Seek the advice of a mentor on the 23rd to help you in your decision-making. By the 30th you will realise you’re not alone in your endeavours as others rally to your side.

VIRGO (aug 24 – sep 23)
It’s a good month for making decisions on the career front. Are you happy with your current goals? Or do you need to move the goal post and find a new direction? Your ruler, messenger Mercury, is hanging out in your career sector helping re-orient your future. You’ll soon discover fears that are holding you back from reaching your potential on the 3rd. Facing your limitations helps you overcome self-sabotaging behaviours and puts you on track to fulfilling your desires. You can’t expect to go it alone and achieve success. Enlist the help of a comrade on the 9th to hold you accountable to your new objectives. Mid-month a boost in energy and confidence provides momentum to keep you moving. Discipline is the key to allaying anxiety and keeping things under control on the 15th. You serve best when you identify your own responsibilities and leave others to look after their own. When you release control you have a real chance to enjoy loving relationships on the 17th. The new moon on the 18th falls in your travel sector affording you the opportunity to take some time-out and relax. A holiday is a great stress reliever and can help you put things in perspective. Your new way of thinking is best actioned on the 27th when your ruler unites with action-planet Mars.

LIBRA (sep 24 – oct 23)
Feel like expanding your mind? Taking on a new course or hobby is ideal for stimulating new interests. Put your explorer’s hat on and go on an adventure. You don’t need to decide on just one – taking on a few new options can help you discover the one that best fits you. With your ruling planet, service-orientated Venus, moving into your career sector on the 8th you may want to focus on courses that enhance your work skills. You’re likely to meet an important mentor on the 16th that can help steer you in the right direction. What they have to say can offer you some very sound advice. This could have you dreaming of a very different future for yourself on the 17th. Follow your intuition and show compassion for yourself as equally as you do to others. A family member may not be completely on board with your decisions on the 22nd which could test your reserve. Self-doubt can creep in on the 23rd making you question whether you’re doing the right thing. Wait til after the 26th before making any major moves. Things are still in a flux and likely to change before you can begin to get a solid footing. Peace may be delivered on the 28th when a decision is derived from weighing up the pros and cons of the situation.

SCORPIO (oct 24 – nov 22)
You start the month off nicely with the full moon falling in your star sign on the 4th. This helps you reflect on your personal desires and how well you’re meeting them. At the same time you have the opportunity to review the success of your personal relationships. In particular your most intimate partnership comes into sharp focus. You have the chance to realise how much the loyalty of a lover impacts your performance. Scorpios born around 8 November may be rewarding their partner on the 6th as events reveal the level of their devotion. Equally you may be dealing out penalties for those that don’t meet the allegiance code on the 15th. With the level of your team’s integrity exposed you can move mountains if you can avoid the temptation to manipulate on the 21st. Clashes may be unavoidable on the 22nd when passions run high and your patience is pushed to the limits. If you fly off the handle now it could prove to be a costly experience. It’s possible you’re not seeing all the facts on the 26th leading to your making ill-informed decisions. Wait til the 27th before moving ahead with what’s on your mind.

SAGITTARIUS (nov 23 – dec 21)
Abiding by the rules and regulations may not be your strong point but it is what you need to implement to survive this period. Rule-maker planet Saturn is hanging out in your star sign for the next two years to help develop your disciplined side. This month he concentrates on delivering this to your business and personal relationships. Communication will be the key to discovering where the boundaries lie in your partnerships. There is a tendency to over-compensate on the 4th when your generous spirit may prove counter-productive. Sometimes giving too much can be overwhelming and result in rejection rather than gratitude. Re-consider before getting carried away and over-doing things. This could prove difficult on the 12th when action-planet Mars moves into your relationship sector. This helps to heat things up and add some spice to your love life. The question is – will things boil over? Events on the 15th could prove the answer to exactly where the boundaries lie and how much you can get away with. This is consolidated on the 23rd when a partner tells you exactly how much they’re prepared to give and take. When you find the right balance you’ll know you’re with the ideal person on the 30th.

CAPRICORN (dec 22 – jan 20)
This is the month for putting your nose to the grindstone and getting work done. It’s a busy time for writing lists and getting odd jobs done. Wherever you can be of most service is the best place to put yourself. This could mean delivering a difficult message on the 3rd when messenger planet Mercury makes a challenging alignment to your ruler Saturn. Recovery is possible on the 6th when you take control and get imaginative. By the 8th devotee planet Venus moves into your love zone to enrich your love life. Take things seriously on the 10th to truly discover what is most important to your sweetheart and make adjustments to deliver on fulfilling their needs. This ensures your lover’s devotion on the 12th and deepens your love affair. Everything may not run as smoothing on the job when a boss or colleague endeavours to block your path. Frustrations are likely to escalate quickly if you don’t find a solution that suits all involved. This can span over a number of days until decisions made split sides on the 23rd. This could prove a little mystifying on the 26th when not everyone is clear on what they should be doing. Endeavour to reiterate the rules on the 27th so everyone knows where they stand and what their duties are.

AQUARIUS (jan 21 – feb 19)
Your imagination receives an injection of ideas waiting to be manifested into reality this month. The difficult part is knowing which ones to choose and invest your time in. Run your thoughts by another on the 3rd to get their opinion. You may not like what they have to say but it’s good to get an objective view. Aquarians born around 30 January are best positioned for implementing ingenious ideas that pave the way to a prosperous future. Draw on your naturally quick witted nature to win allegiance and influence people on the 6th. An ally is waiting in the wings on the 9th to support you. An injection of confidence bolsters your resolve on the 12th. Be creative, take a leap of faith, run with your plan and don’t let things limit you on the 15th. Keep the faith when obstacles crop up to block your path. Take these as strength building experiences rather than deterrents to your desires.

PISCES (feb 20 – mar 20)
Focus is on the home-front this month as family members take priority. This could put you in a bind when it comes to meeting work commitments. Don’t be surprised if the pressure of meeting the needs of both work and family become difficult on the 3rd. You’ll need to find your voice on the 4th and speak up to help keep the peace. By the 7th you have the opportunity to reassess what is truly most important to you and make the necessary adjustments to live by them. From the 8th the pressure lessens as service-planet Venus moves into your creative sector. Here she helps you immerse in a little fun and pleasure with those you love. Connecting with family and friends mid-month lightens your soul and enriches your life. Immerse yourself in a creative project on the 17th to inspire those around you. Spend time in galleries, walking in nature and generally participating in pleasure activities that bring you closer to loved ones. This is a time for bonding and enhancing your relationships. Powerful connections can be formed on the 22nd that deepen your union with another. This could make it difficult to concentrate on the 26th when fantasies distract you from daily tasks. Don’t expect to achieve too much and if you can take time out to spend it with your lover.

ARIES (mar 21 – apr 20)
With a gang of planets hanging out in your money sector you may need to concentrate on your finances this month. There’s equal potential for finding ingenious ways of making money as well as spending it. Investments made now could prove lucrative later on. Consider options carefully and go with the ones that align closest with what you value. A family member may help you with your decision making on the 8th. On the 12th your ruler, action-planet Mars, moves into your negotiations sector. This positions you brilliantly for networking and sharing your ideas around the board room or kitchen table. You can get excited about ideas and bring them to reality. Be sure to pace yourself on the 15th when blocks in your path signal the need to reorient your approach. The new moon on the 18th is perfect for launching a new budget or money-making venture. This endeavour is best done with a like-minded individual who can support your ideas and bring their assets to the union. Sit down and be clear about your objectives with them on the 24th. Make it official on the 27th by putting things in writing and signing on the dotted line.


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