2014 April Horoscope

Apr 01

AriesARIES (mar 21 – apr 20)

This is a dynamic month when you could feel like you’re being pulled from pillar to post.  On the one hand you just want to follow the beat of your own drum.  On the other – partners, bosses and family members could be testing you to the limits.  Aries born 1 – 3 April are right in the firing line at the start of the month as mover and shaker planet Uranus sidles up to your zodiac sign.  Coupled with this, your ruler, warrior planet Mars, reviews your partnership sector, you could find yourself butting heads and reviewing old territory.  A “battle of the wills” could ensue mid-month, but no-one is likely to win.  You’re better off if you can curb your temper, take a back-seat, review the situation and then negotiate with any opponents.  If nothing’s been resolved, matters could reach their crescendo point on the 23rd.  The new moon on the 29th falls in your zodiac sign and could be just the new start you need to initiate a fresh plan.


TAURUS (apr 21 – may 20)

You’re in the right place at the right time on the 4th when you connect with a karmic soul.  This synchronistic moment can prove very fortuitous and pave the way to positive future endeavours.  April could be a loved up month for many Taureans as your ruling planet, sensual Venus, moves into the constellation of Pisces on the 6th to put you in a romantic mood.  For singles, this is your opportunity to mix in social circles as charisma oozes from your pores.  This makes you irresistible to prospective partners.  For those already loved up, plan a dreamy rendezvous with your lover on the weekend of the 12th and you’ll be sure to make them starry-eyed.  The fun continues on the 18th when you could be whisked away for a pleasurable getaway – so make the most of this auspicious time.  For Taureans born 11-13 May relationships take on a serious vibe where you could be wanting to take the plunge into committed bliss.  By the 21st, for those feeling the strains in partnership, this is your time to heal bridges or make a clean break.  Either way decisions are fortified by the 25th when Venus aligns favourably with serious Saturn.



GEMINI (may 22 – jun 21)

On the 3rd of the month your ruler, networker Mercury, connects favourably with serious planet Saturn.  This sets you up well for important conversations where your focus is sharp and you can get to the heart of matters quickly.  Contracts can be signed and positive alignments made.  This is a good time for sitting down with bosses and making a good impression.  As Mercury moves into the constellation of Aries on the 8th your social calendar gets an injection of engagements to spice up your life.  Enjoy the frivolity of pleasure activities with friends but watch out for enemies’ mid-month who would work to undermine you.  On the 15th your ruler makes a very tricky alignment that leaves you susceptible to ‘foot in mouth’.  It may not be intended but you could easily incite an argument – so curb your tongue if your wish to avoid confrontation.  You can escape the ‘crazy’ by the weekend of the 26th when Mercury unites with the Sun in your spiritual sector.  Retreat to your private world and enjoy a little solitude.


CANCER (jun 22 – jul 23)

Now’s a good time to be working on your house as action planet Mars visits your family sector.  You have more energy at your disposal for domestic projects and activities.  Equally you can be more defensive than usual when it comes to your household or protecting family members.  Security is the priority and Mars is here to give you the added boost required to create a safe environment.  If you start feeling moody and restless, channel this energy into homemaking, house repairs and re-decorating.  An increased desire to rule the roost could result in conflict and disputes particularly around mid-month.  A total lunar eclipse on the 15th brings things to a head – just make sure yours is not on the chopping block.  Cancers born around 6th and 18th July are particularly susceptible to getting worked up about emotional issues from the past.  As old issues resurface prepare to face reality and deal with things head on with honesty and integrity.  The new moon on the 29th should help encourage solutions and clear the air.


LEO (jul 24 – aug 23)

Your ruler, the brilliant Sun, is in the thick of things during the first week of the month.  A grand line up between exaggerator Jupiter, unpredictable Uranus and transformer Pluto heats things up considerably.  This challenging alignment can have Leos born around 6th August questioning what all the disruptions are about.  You may find that people just aren’t as reliable as usual and changes in schedules create havoc.  Being the glue that keeps things cohesive is your objective.  This may not be easy when a rival tests your resolve on the 9th.  This could easily be something you thought was already dealt with that comes back to try and bite you.  The total lunar eclipse on the 15th rewards those that have played mediator and endeavoured to create balance.  Leos born around 19th August are well positioned to reap rewards.  As the Sun moves into the constellation of Taurus on the 20th expect the pressure cooker to release and stress you’ve been under alleviate a little.  The chaos may still be circling around you but thankfully you are removed.  Resist the urge to get too involved in matters that don’t concern you on the 26th.  Trying to be a good samaritan could backfire on you.


VIRGO (aug 24 – sep 23)

There’s an opportunity to solidify your important relationships on the 3rd when your ruler, Mercury, connects favourably with thoughtful planet Saturn.  Virgos born around 15th September hold the opportunity to express their affections and be rewarded with resounding gratitude.  By the 6th, lover Venus moves into your relationship sector to spice up your love-life.  For those in relationships, partners are appearing more attractive and for singles – perhaps you have your eye on a potential lover.  Romantic interludes are likely on the 12th when Venus unites with make-believe planet Neptune.  Bear in mind that under this influence a veil of fantasy flavours your reality.  Lap up the love factor while you can as Venus continues to make positive alignments until the 18th.  By the 21st she unites with Chiron to reveal either yours, or someone else’s vulnerable side.  This can be very revealing and healing.  When your ruler, Mercury, unites with the Sun on the 26th you can speak up and discuss your innermost thoughts and feelings which may help build greater bonds with important people.


LIBRA (sep 24 – oct 23)

Mars continues he’s retrograde movement through your constellation this month helping you review your passions and desires.  This month Librans born 16 – 21 October are under scrutiny and likely to experience events that ignite their fire.  This could be pleasurable or confrontational.  Either way you get in touch with your inner needs and are encouraged to assert yourself in attaining them.  The 9th could be particularly eventful in putting the spark into relationships for Librans born 13th October.  The total lunar eclipse on the 15th is especially auspicious as it falls in your star sign.  Librans born 19th October are particularly impacted as this eclipse completes a 19 year cycle and births new opportunities.  By the 23rd a large cardinal cross planetary alignment occurs to shake things up and ensure you let go of outmoded behaviours and people from your life.  If you find things falling apart around you – take it as a sign to let go.  Embrace the change that’s on offer and view any difficult scenarios as a blessing in disguise.  There is a silver lining just waiting for you to embrace it.


SCORPIO (oct 24 – nov 22)

Your ruler, powerful Pluto, makes significant alignments this month to promote transformation and change.  He starts with a challenging connection to the Sun on the 3rd when he tests your core identity and resolve.  A work colleague could be the instigator of rivalry and a battle of wills.  Watch out for confrontations on the 15th when a war of words could erupt with siblings, neighbours or workmates.  Use your charms on the 18th to smooth troubled waters and relieve tension.  Take a little time off with a lover or friend and find the fun factor that gets you laughing again.  It may not be long before overwhelm takes over again on the 21st when abundant planet Jupiter opposes your ruler.  If you can temper over-indulgence you have a real ability to be influential and promote productive change.  This won’t be without some resistance during the last week of the month.  The 23rd can be particularly feisty and argumentative.  Take it in your stride and regain balance by taking everyone’s perspective into account before making key decisions.


SAGITTARIUS (nov 23 – dec 21)

The month starts off with your ruler, generous Jupiter, connecting with the Sun to put Sagittarians born around 4th December in the spotlight.  Best be on your best behaviour if you wish to make a good impression.  Eyes will be focussed on you so make the most of promoting yourself.  Your lucky day this month is the 18th when your ruler connects favourably with magnetic Venus.  If you have a favour to ask, this is the day to put it out there.  You’re more likely to garner the support of others or be the beneficiary of others resources.  If you need a loan – make that appointment with your bank manager.  As the last week of the month approaches the ground beneath you begins to shudder, cracks form and the earth opens up.  Sagittarians born around the 6th December could easily be the instigator of the reform and change going on around them.  As a natural born teacher you have a job at hand to teach others key lessons concerning balance and fairness.


CAPRICORN (dec 22 – jan 20)

This can be a profound month as responsibilities and burdens weigh heavily on your shoulders.  When you’re in charge you naturally feel the obligation of making the right decision for yourself and everyone involved.  This month is likely to provide you with plenty of opportunities to mull over the pros and cons of a situation and make important decisions.  The first comes on the 3rd when your ruling planet, responsible Saturn, connects favourably with Mercury.  Speak your mind and you will be taken seriously.  People look up to you as an authority figure and expect you to take charge.  Capricorns born around 4th January are in a powerful position and can sometimes present as an intimidating character.  You may need to watch your tone when communicating so as not to be mistaken as a bully.  As adversity strikes throughout the month, it may take a little finessing to stay cool, calm and collective.  Situations unravel around you and it’s your job to stay at the helm and steer the ship out of troubled waters.


AQUARIUS (jan 21 – feb 19)

An unpredictable month awaits you – and in typical Aquarian style, you take it in your stride.  You don’t have to wait long before unexpected things start happening to shake up your environment.  Your ruling planet, unconventional Uranus, joins the Sun on the 2nd to put you in the limelight.   This can put a bolt of electricity into your day helping you feel more alive and invigorated.  You’ll want to spread the excitement you feel so others can share in your joy.  The good vibes continue til mid-month when Uranus next conjoins with communicator planet Mercury.  An unexpected message or information may be received that changes what you thought you were doing for the day on the 15th.  Be spontaneous and go with the flow.  Just pull the reins in on the 20th when you may regret overindulging in indulgent activities.  Making a power play on the 22nd may backfire so take cautionary steps before trying to take control of a situation or person.  Things will only get worse on the 23rd if you persist on holding your ground.  A revolution could ensue so be sure it’s worth the fight.


PISCES (feb 20 – mar 20)

With networking planet Mercury in your zodiac sign for the first week of the month, you’re the go-to person in the know.  Socialise and gather information that could be useful to you.  You are especially inspirational at the moment so don’t keep what you’ve learnt to yourself – share the news.  Note the weekend of the 12th in your diary as the time to head off for a mini holiday.  Romance is highlighted as your ruling planet Neptune unites with lover Venus.  Take your lover away and spend some quality time together.  Even heading off to the cinema or museum can be the mini escape needed to re-invigorate the love factor in your life.  With everyone on meltdown around you towards the end of the month you could be the voice of reason.  Or at the very least the gentle reminder that everything will be okay.  The 27th gives you the chance to be most influential just with your presence and wise words.  You can offer stability when the world seems to be cracking up around you.


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