2013 November Horoscope

Nov 01

8_scorpio2SCORPIO (oct 24 – nov 22)

Happy Birthday Scorpio!  You are in the limelight and have good things coming to you this month.  With a stellium of planets in your zodiac sign at the moment all eyes are on you.  You have time to review your steps during the first week of the month while Mercury retrogrades through your sign.  This gives you a chance to check over past decisions and rewrite the script to create better outcomes.  Scorpios born 2 November would do well to consider strategies and be inventive to change up their mundane routine.  Your ruling planet Pluto is in a powerful position helping you make tactical alliances with key people.  Your words hold weight on the 2nd and can easily influence others to your way of thinking.  The new moon and solar eclipse on the 3rd falls in your zodiac sign.  This can be helpful in creating new beginnings and launching new projects.  The 6th provides the discipline needed to build solid foundations and initiate solid plans for your ideas.  By mid month your charms are turning up the heat and making you irresistible to admirers.  Attractions only grow when Venus connects favourably with your ruler on the 16th.  Pursuing the things that you like satisfies, and the pleasures you experience are intense and enjoyable.  Just be careful jealousy doesn’t enter the mix if someone gets their nose out of joint.  This is possible during the full moon on the 18th.  Emotions spill over and someone could be a little too sensitive.  Extremely persuasive conversations reach their crescendo on the 21st.  When dealing with other people look for common ground to effectively sway them to your side.  Be more aware of the power of your words and the impact you have on other people.  You’ll need to be serious on the 26th when someone looks to you for answers.  Take time to consider all the pros and cons before giving your advice.


SAGITTARIUS (nov 23 – dec 21)

The rebel side of you could be evoked this month.  Saggies born 2 December could feel particularly restless and be eager for excitement.  If you pursue reckless behaviour you could come unstuck and someone could get hurt.  You’ll need to walk a fine line between reinventing yourself without rocking the boat of others.  Best bet is to use your intuition and tap into your sensitive side to keep connected.  Spending some quiet time alone can really help you centre and get clear on who you are and what you want on the 6th.  Money planet Venus moves into your money sector and connects with dreamy planet Neptune on the 8th.  Be wary of indulgent spending on luxury items you may later regret purchasing.  It may be wiser to spend the time socialising at home where financial outlay is minimal.  By mid month your ruling planet Jupiter makes a favourable aspect to the Sun.  This helps illuminate your love life and deepen your connections.  Superficial encounters are put aside for intimate connections and bonding with your partner.  D&M’s could prove very revealing when fantasies are explored.  Sparks are flying by the 15th and could reveal your edgy side.  It can all get a little too steamy on the 20th when someone could take things a little too far.  Be the keeper of moderation is you don’t want things to get out of hand.  Someone who has a vested interested in you or your associations could upset the apple cart.  You could be at logger-heads on the 28th when discrepancies arise and matters of opinion clash.  If you’re feeling like you’ve been too generous and are being taken advantage of you’ll need to re-negotiate the terms of your contract.


CAPRICORN (dec 22 – jan 20)

Things are at their crescendo moment this month particularly for Capricorns born 31 December.  Major changes are being made and you are the pivot point in the equation.  You may need to let something go in order to regain self-empowerment.  The question is are you well positioned to make decisions or are you at the mercy of another.  Past decisions have put you in your current situation and things are coming home to roost.  It’s very likely that if you’re in the weaker position there is nothing you can do.  Best to bow out, remove yourself if you can and minimise the fall out.  Alternatively, if you find yourself in a unique position of power, then you have a responsibility to those around you to rule wisely.  Rule with your head but be compassionate.  The 2nd is ripe with opportunity to enforce your regulations and make a difference.  Speak up and show your leadership skills particularly in meetings or group settings.  Give everyone a chance to mull over your suggestions before endeavouring to set them in concrete on the 6th.  You can be very charming on the 8th and most likely beguile others to your way of thinking but don’t expect to move ahead with your plans until Mercury goes direct on the 10th.  Advantageous meetings mid month set things on course as your ideas grow legs.  Your power-house day is the 16th when your charms win over even your most ardent sceptic.  The full moon on the 18th falls in your fun sector helping to give you a reprieve from all the hard work you’ve been doing.  Take some time-out to have a little fun and find enjoyment in the little things.  The weekend of the 24th should prove very rewarding if you can slow down long enough to receive some loving from a committed partner.  You’ll soon be back into work mode on the 26th with serious conversations help nut out previously unseen problems.  You’re in solution mode and your mind comes up with some brilliant answers.


AQUARIUS (jan 21 – feb 19)

Your career is beckoning you to make advancements and improve your prospects.  Financial rewards are on offer if you’ve positioned yourself to take advantage of what’s on offer.  The only problem is you may face a tough opponent on the 1st who endeavours to block your progress.  You’ll soon know whether to put up a good fight or lay down your arms.  Past karma plays its part here so read the signs and you’ll know whether to draw your sword or wave a white flag.  Either way you understand the motives of those around you and what strategies they’re using to get ahead.  The question is, will you beat them to the punch?  If it’s all getting too much, particularly for Aquarians born 30 January, call time-out and give yourself a breather.  Don’t sever any ties though, you may wish to get back in the game at a later date.  The solar eclipse on the 3rd falls in your career sector and gives you your best chance for making decisions that affect your future career direction.  Put your thinking cap on but don’t advertise your thoughts until after Mercury goes direct on the10th.  A colleague could put a spanner in the works on the 15th when your ruler Uranus makes a challenging alignment with seductress Venus.  Someone may be charming their way into the picture but may not have your best interests at heart.  The full moon on the 18th falls in your family sector helping to draw your attention to spending pleasure time with those you love.  This could be a welcome reprieve from the shenanigans going on at work.  An ally is waiting in the wings for you on the 19th so try and work out who are your allies.  Follow your moral compass and you’ll be on the right track.  Things are likely to blow up or blow out on the 20th.  Secret conversations on the 21st either put you in the picture or have you on the outer.  Either way you’ll know where you stand in the last week of the month


PISCES (feb 20 – mar 20)

Synchronistic moments this month are abundant and give you loads of chances to dream and prosper.  The question is, will you have the confidence to assert yourself and make the most of this lucky streak.  The downside is, if you lack self-esteem and buy into self-doubt, you could end up on a losing streak.  The tendency for escapism is palpable and could lend you down some disturbing paths of self-destruction.  To avoid such a journey, stay present, be realistic and keep away from all forms of addictive substances or people.  You know your weakness – this month is the time to remove all temptation and lower the risk of relapse.  Surround yourself with positivity and purity and you’ll make the most of the auspicious time ahead especially Pisceans born 22 February and 28 February.  The lunar eclipse on the 3rd falls in your higher education and travel sector.  A prominent mentor/teacher walks into your life now to expand your mind and open new possibilities of future direction.  Transmute those negative thoughts into broad-minded thinking that avails you solutions to old problems.  Learning something new enlivens your spirit and just gives you an all over good vibe.  The 8th sees your dreamy ruling planet Neptune connects favourably with charming planet Venus.  Not only are you irresistible but love is most likely in the air – enjoy the fairy tale but watch out for the poison apple!  If others are telling you it’s too good to be true – it probably is.  There’s no need to back out of the situation – just keep your eyes wide open.  Deception comes easily if you play the innocent and naive role.  An argument could ensue on the 9th but at least it airs grievances, especially for Pisceans born 5 March.  Before you know it things will be smoothed over on the 13th when another synchronistic moment sets things right.  Pisceans born 11 March are best positioned to take advantage of this auspicious time.  Don’t sit back and let this opportunity slip by.  Be ready to take action and be pro-active in making things happen.  The 16th helps to consolidate your plans with someone or something that you’ve committed to.  Powerful emotions envelope and bind you together.  It’s an enriching experience that you’ll not soon forget.  The full moon on the 18th is a spell bound day enjoying the pleasures life brings.  Everything falls into place.  Serenity prevails and you are in ‘pleasureville’.  Pisceans born around 16 March are in for a treat.   By the 28th it could be very easy to get lost, either literally or figuratively.  Things, names, and directions get lost, misplaced, or forgotten.  Escaping the temporary madness looks appealing.  Best to accept the chaos to lessen the distortion of reality.


ARIES (mar 21 – apr 20)

This is a big month with dynamo planet Uranus in your zodiac sign shaking things up as he connects with transformer Pluto.  Aries born 30 March have itchy feet and fire in their belly.  It’s time to make a difference, take a risk, bite the bullet and make a go of that idea you’ve been sitting on.  First you’ll need to make a plan and consider all the pros and pitfalls.  If you’re partnering up with someone it’s a good idea to review your roles and make sure you’re both on the same page.   The eclipse on the 3rd falls in your joint resources sector and can help discern whether it’s wise to join forces.  If you find you differ in your approaches you may find it best to go it alone.  You may need to re-evaluate what’s important to you mid month when pleasure planet Venus connects with Uranus in your sign.  If there are any cracks in your relationship they’re likely to shop up now.  You may also need to watch passions boiling over at work.  Someone could be jealous or a little possessive causing problems on the work-front.  Don’t let this undermine your performance.  Move in the right circles and you could find an ally on the 21st.  This influential person could help bridge differences or stir the pot even more.  You’ll need to be the judge before aligning yourself with anyone.  True colours will be evident on the 24th so make your decision then before the lines get blurred on the 25th.  Things are distorted and it may be difficult to see clearly.  Hold off making any important decisions until things appear clearer.


TAURUS (apr 21 – may 20)

It’s all about your love-life this month Taurus.  Whether you’re loved up or single it’s time to check-in on your relationship needs and see how satisfied you are.  Things heat up right at the start of the month when fiery Mars connects with communicator planet Mercury on the 1st.  You may be reviewing previous conversations and needing to voice your point of view again.  This can either be well received or send sparks flying particularly for Taureans born around 30 April.  The important thing is you’re airing your ideas and making others know exactly what’s on your mind.  Most likely you will feel supported and find a lot of others think the same as you do.  The solar eclipse on the 3rd falls in your relationship sector shedding further emphasis on all forms of partnerships.  Serious conversations on the 6th can help consolidate your commitment to each other particularly for Taureans born 5 May.  This can see love blossom on the 8th when your ruler Venus connects favourably with fantasy planet Neptune.  So singles would be wise to get out on the town.  Mid-month things heat up as passions soar.  Fated meetings bring more pleasure and joy into your life when your ruler connects with the moon’s node.  This could be very fortuitous for meeting ‘the one’ for singles or enjoying some romantic time with your lover for those already attached.  Passions heat their peak on the 15th when Venus unites with powerful planet Pluto.  This can intensify your union or bring out the green-eyed monster!  On the 18th the full moon falls in your zodiac sign.  This is especially fortunate for Taureans born 17 May for reaping rewards from past efforts.  Be gracious and accept your prize.  The 24th puts you back in the lime light.  An opportunity to share something meaningful with someone can bind you more closely than ever before.


GEMINI (may 22 – jun 21)

November starts off with your ruling planet Mercury still in retrograde motion.  That means it’s probably wise to take things slow and not put any expectations on things running smoothly.  When Mercury connects with Mars on the 1st this could mean someone’s about to speak up for themselves but not everyone may be pleased.  Powerful words continue to be spoken on the 2nd and can influence those around you for good or ill.  The good news is Mercury turns direct on the 10th to help get things back in order.  You could be the beneficiary of some good fortune on the 14th when a fated meeting affords you a pleasant gift.  Further good news comes on the 19th when your ruler Mercury unites with the destiny point North Node.  To take full advantage of what’s on offer you may need to make some adjustments in your plan particularly for Geminis born 29 May.  A sore point could arise on the 20th when someone opens up Pandora’s box.  Ultimately this turns out to be a blessing when what is revealed helps to fix a minor problem.  You can show real strength on the 21st by facing situations you would usually avoid.  Your ability to deal with whatever information you receive puts you at an advantage.  Somebody could try to pull the wool over your eyes on the 25th.  If you don’t want to be duped keep your eyes peeled and your radar up for deception.  You’ll likely see through the ruse on the 26th when your detective work pays off.  If you’re honest and just deliver the facts of the situation you’ll come out the winner on the 28th.


CANCER (jun 22 – jul 23)

Get your creative juices flowing Cancer.  You’re in for a month of amazing projects, pleasure, fun and games… and perhaps a little risk-taking in the mix.  Put the word out to friends that you’re available to party!  Cancerians born 1 July are particularly prone to throwing caution to the wind and letting loose.  If you’ve been caged in any way the jail cell doors are about to spring open and you are being set free.  Of course, if you’re ready to take a leap this can be exhilarating, but if you’re holding onto past securities this could be a scary moment.  Know in your heart of hearts that you’re meant to move forward and take a risk.  Listen to what others have on offer.  Doing a little brain-storming helps stimulate great ideas that move you from boredom to motivation.  The solar eclipse on the 3rd is the perfect opportunity to implement your new enthusiasm into an enjoyable project.  With discipline and a touch of leadership you can rally the troops to help you on the 9th.  Mercury turning direct on the 10th gives you just the momentum you need for your new project to grow legs.  You’re shining by midmonth and everyone admires your efforts.  The full moon on the 18th falls in your social sector highlighting group associations and humanitarian efforts.  You have a profound impact on those around you and can be a real mover and shaker on the 20th.  Cancerians born 13 July have a real skip in their step and a gung ho attitude that can move mountains.  Things build up to a crescendo point on the 21st when an opponent gets Cancerians born 1 July fired up.  Things could easily get exaggerated on the 28th with Jupiter in your zodiac sign opposing pleasure planet Venus.  Indulgence and playtime is calling and has Cancerians born 13 July in their sights.


LEO (jul 24 – aug 23)

Home is where the heart is this month Leos.  There’s opportunity to touch on the sentimental side of family and house-mates.  Prying underneath the surface may expose more than you expected.  The darker side of someone may be revealed along with secrets that may surprise.  The chance to be honest and have things out in the open puts everyone on an even playing field.  Acting in a direct manner is your best bet on the 3rd with your ruling planet the Sun connects favourably with action planet Mars.  Choices that you make are generally good ones and lead you in a desirable direction.  Experiences mid-month will be attest to this when the Sun forms a compatible alignment with benefic planet Jupiter.  Of course you may tend to go a little overboard but everyone will be watching and enjoying your performance.  The full moon on the 18th falls in your career sector helping you establish an aesthetically pleasing environment at work and possibly even a raise!  If there is to be a boost to your income you’ll know about it by the 20th.  By the 25th you may be looking to escape into a fantasy world.  Playtime is more important than work and could even send you a bit loopy if you try to do anything even remotely work related.  If you can, indulge in some pleasure time.  Go to the movies or listening to music.  Whilst your imagination is stimulated you may experience a block if you try to actualize your dreams.


VIRGO (aug 24 – sep 23)

Put your roller skates on Virgo November is set to be a busy month as feisty Mars moves through your zodiac sign.  On the 1st he connects with transport planet Mercury.  This should fill your diary with appointments and keep you on your toes getting from A to B.  As you flit about you’re likely to connect with important people and have some interesting conversations.  The 2nd can bring about some thought provoking encounters.  You may discover that knowledge is power and can shape how you influence another.  It’s a good time for networking but don’t expect the usual superfluous chit-chat.  You can forge significant connections that could prove influential in the future.  The eclipse on the 3rd falls in your communication sector and fortifies the networking connections you’ve just made.  If you need to commit to a binding contract the 6th is the date to sign on the dotted line particularly for Virgos born 7 September.  By the 8th the love life is looking up when your ruler, Mercury connects with lover planet Venus.  Love affections may be declared.  Dating is highlighted and generally pleasure outings with friends should go well.  As your ruler turns direct on the 10th your social activities ramp up and connect you with like-minded people.  Virgos born 13 September are well positioned to be in the right place at the right time connecting with people that help them shine mid month.  You have the opportunity to learn off a mentor so pay attention.  The full moon on the 18th falls in your travel sector.  Fancy a short trip away or perhaps a long one?  It’s a good idea to head off with a friend or lover and explore somewhere new.  Your travels expose you to interesting people who play a part in your future.  A sibling, colleague or neighbour could ask for your assistance on the 26th.  You play an important role in providing support and are seen as someone to look up to.


LIBRA (sep 24 – oct 23)

Money holds weight this month and can take much of your focus.  This can send shockwaves through the saving plan when unexpected expenses crop up for Librans born 3 October.  You may or may not be directly involved in this spending.  Partners can contribute to these unforeseen financial outlays.  Miscommunication plays its part so be sure to get feedback to be sure you’ve been understood rather than assuming you’ve got your message across.  Librans born 26 September could feel conflicted on the 8th when their ruler Venus connects with illusionist Neptune.  This ups the ante on the need for clear communication when wires can easily get crossed.  Don’t let the beguiling ways of another charm you into doing something you’d rather not do.  It may pay to get a non-partial advisor in mid-month for some clear financial advice.  Go ahead with this and you may be surprised by what is suggested on the15th.  The full moon on the 18th falls in your joint resources sector and promises the monetary aid from a helpful financier if you need it.   In fact if you need any kind of support it’s more likely that when you ask you shall receive.  That help could be centred on home and family.  A mini reno could be on the cards and a working bee with friends and neighbours could help get the job done.  Send out your requests on the21st and you’re likely to get plenty of supporters.  Your interactions with other people are more serious on the 24th when your ruler connects with serious Saturn.  It’s the day to solve problems and work through details. You can be very productive and people look up to you.  Watch letting this all go to your head on the 28th when over-indulgence could get you into trouble.  Too much of a good thing can sometimes be a problem!


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