2013 October Horoscope

Oct 01

7_libra2LIBRA (sep 24 – oct 23)

Happy Birthday Libra!  This is a month for putting your focus on your budget and growing your money.  It could prove even more advantageous if you can combine your resources with someone else to improve your assets.  The new moon on the 5th falls in your zodiac sign.  This is perfect for creating new beginnings and launching new projects.  If you decide to co-ordinate your efforts with another make sure they subscribe to the same value systems as you.  You’ll have a better chance of attaining your goals if you’re both on the same page.  Opposing views may present themselves on the 10th especially for Librans born around 4 October.  As tensions peak, this is the time you’ll break free from confinement and micro-managed situations.   Just take care that your sense of restlessness doesn’t cause unrepairable damage.  Burnt bridges may need to be crossed at a later date.  The temptation to go overboard on the 13th runs high for Librans born 13 October.  This could work well on the job front – just make sure you know where the boundaries lines are or you could be regretting your actions on the 17th.  On the plus side you get to be vulnerable for a moment and let someone else come to your aide.  The lunar eclipse on the 19th falls in your relationship sector.  Is love on the horizon?  Or are you re-committing to your lover?  Relationships are under the microscope and the challenge is to ensure yours is fulfilling particularly for Librans born 19 October.  From the 21st Mercury retrogrades through your money sector for the rest of the month.  It’s time to slow your spending and review the budget.


SCORPIO (oct 24 – nov 22)

You have the gift of the gab this month – so much so that you may not know when it’s wise to stop the vocal narration.  If you find yourself on a soapbox on the 2nd just be sure you have an interested crowd.  You either have the capacity to inspire the masses or send them scurrying for the exit.  Scorpios born around 2 November may need to lend a sympathetic ear to a child or friend in need.  With the right advice you could transform the situation and be a recipient of their gratitude.  This could open doorways to new alliances on the 6th.  Aligning yourself with the right kind of project or person during the following week could prove very profitable.  Your ruler, power planet Pluto, connects favourably with communicator Mercury on the 7th.  This provides the perfect setting for getting your message across and rallying comrades to your arms.  Sign on the dotted line on the 9th when contracts are structurally sound and binding.  Scorpios born 3 November are well positioned for making solid commitments and setting up concrete foundations for your future.  With both messenger planet Mercury and serious planet Saturn moving through your constellation this month you’re bound to make some serious decisions.  You may feel a little sombre but it’s important to take a serious look at your situation at the moment.  Key decisions are best made before Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st.  Mercury’s three week backward motion impacts Scorpios born 24 October – 11 November. Be prepared for solemn period of self reflection.


SAGITTARIUS (nov 23 – dec 21)

The 4th could prove an exciting day for Saggies born around 3 December.  You’re unusually restless which peaks your need for freedom.  Expect the unexpected – your daily routine is about to get a shake-up.  Other people may be a catalyst for change – grab on with both hands and enjoy the ride.  The new moon on the 5th falls in your social sector encouraging you to get involved in new adventures in your community.  Your graciousness increases on the 8th when charismatic Venus moves into your constellation.  On the 10th she challenges romantic planet Neptune helping you gravitate towards life’s pleasures. Tempted by what is alluring, you can overlook the truth.  What you see and what you get may differ during this love fog. Set the bar too high and you may be disillusioned once the fog clears.  Be open and realistic to avoid disappointment.  The 17th should jolt you back into reality when Venus connects with mover and shaker Uranus.  An outgoing, positive and energetic vibe exudes from your pores.  You’ll need to keep moving to expend any nervous energy especially Saggie’s born 3 December.   This is a great day to try out new techniques, or explore provocative subject matter.  The lunar eclipse on the 19th enhances your creative juices.  Saggies born around 17 December are particularly activated to let their creative juices flow and explore fun and interesting activities.  On the 20th feisty Mars moves into your career sector and opposes illusionary Neptune.  For Saggies born 25 November this can inspire you to rise to action at work or leave you disillusioned and apathetic.  Either way it helps to identify how content you are with your career direction.  By the 27th Venus connects with your ruler generous Jupiter to increase your generosity and good will.  Make sure you choose wisely and spoil those that truly deserve your kindness.


CAPRICORN (dec 22 – jan 20)

You may need to call upon your inner strength reserves this month.  Your desires clash with the demands of what others want.  Forces outside your control may compel you to give something up. While the pressure against you is often intense, you can react with equal power.  Be aware of what you passionately defend and make sure it is worth the fight.   If it is, you have the capacity to persevere and prevail, despite the resistance in your way.  If it’s not, this is a time to release it from your life and move on!  This is particularly the case for Capricorns born around 31 December.  When obstacles cross your path you have a great capacity for finding smart solutions that make everyone happy.  The new moon on the 5th can upset the balance of things at work and provide you with the opportunity to implement your management skills to restore order.  You’ll be at your most influential during the 7th – 9th when your ruler authoritarian Saturn unites with communicator Mercury.  What you say holds weight and people respect your leadership.  Just be careful not to overdo things on the 13th when exaggeration can create disharmony.  Sometimes a shake-up can be necessary to shift stagnant situations but it may come back to bite you.  The lunar eclipse on the 19th could be very revealing if you’ve pushed things too far.  Endeavour to rectify any misunderstandings on the 20th before Mercury turns retrograde.  Otherwise you may need to go over old ground on the 30th when your ruler Saturn reunites with Mercury to stir up conversations.


AQUARIUS (jan 21 – feb 19)

Bosses may call on you more than usual this month Aquarius.  As responsibilities are lumped on your shoulders you may not agree with management’s decisions but its best that you knuckle under and abide by their decisions.  Aquarians, particularly those born 30 January, who voice their displeasure, could be on the receiving end of undesirable consequences.  If you don’t mind moving on to greener pastures then this could be a strategic move.  But if you don’t want to rock the boat then you’re best to conform.  This could be easier said than done on the 5th when you’re ruler; Uranus makes a tricky alignment to task-master Saturn.  The new moon on the same day adds further unpredictability and a tension that could erupt no matter how much you try to cap it.  You may need to readjust your thinking on the 8th when speaking before you think could create shockwaves.  Mid month shakes things up a little when your ruler connects favourably with Venus on the 17th.  Aquarians born around 29 January are particularly charming and even a little risqué.  You may be a little shocking but you’ll also leave a lasting impression.  The full moon and lunar eclipse on the 19th helps to personify your charisma and put you in the spotlight.  This could prove to be a negative on the 21st when Mercury retrogrades in your career sector.  With attention focussed on you any errors in the workplace will be noted by colleagues and bosses alike.  You’ll need to double and triple check before making a move if you wish to avoid mishaps.  That could be particularly tricky on the 31st when adjustments will need to be made to avoid stepping on other’s toes.


PISCES (feb 20 – mar 20)

Here’s your chance to dream big and manifest Pisces.  The stars are aligning to afford you mystical powers to convert your dreams into reality.  Pisces born 1 March are well positioned to make the most of this auspicious alignment.  The 2nd is your first opportunistic moment for setting a plan and materialising your goals as your ruler, visionary Neptune unites with mental planet Mercury.  You’re at your most powerful if you pursue what you most believe in.  Travel could also be on the cards is it expands your awareness and complements your passion.  Alternatively this is the month for participating in studies which heighten your awareness and furthers your skills set.  The 10th could prove very enlightening when your ruler connects with seductress Venus.  Will it spice up your love life or just make you more irresistible in general?  Pisces born 21 February are in possession of this particularly potent love potion.  Use sparingly or you could spend more time fending off undesirable attention rather than enjoying your admirers.  By the 20th you could be faced with needing to stand firm and state your boundaries when someone tries to cross you.  As Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st don’t be surprised if you need to repeat yourself to ensure others understand your position.  You can get your message across on the 26th when your ruler unites favourably with the Sun.


ARIES (mar 21 – apr 20)

You’re likely to be very restless and impatient on the 4th when you won’t tolerate being confined or micro-managed.  You want the freedom to express yourself as a unique individual and will rebel against any effort by others to make you conform especially Aries born around 31st March.  You may resort to shocking others with outrageous behaviour, or being uncooperative in order to assert your independence.  The new moon on the 5th can help bring balance back into your day.  Consider where you have lost equilibrium and need to find middle ground again.  Feelings o f vulnerabilities can pervade your environment on the 10th.  Others could be asking you to sacrifice your position.  You’ll need to decide whether this is to everyone’s advantage.   You may need to make room in your day for some form of escape especially by mid-month.  A reprieve comes on the 17th when you can take a break from the normal routine of things.  You’ll have the opportunity to meet eccentric or unusual people.  The lunar eclipse on the 19th falls in your money sector.  Money flows easily and you may attract good financial opportunities, but you need to watch impulsive spending.  Irritations can arise on the 20th when your ruler, competitive Mars forms a challenging alignment with mystical Neptune.  You may find your energy wavers as you hit a low point in the month.  Don’t expect too much from people.  Wait til the 29th to take action when you have much better timing.  You’ll more likely receive support and co-operation if you’re patient. The end of the month brings the opportunity to take a sensitive approach with people and heal any misconceptions.


TAURUS (apr 21 – may 20)

The month starts off with a day-dreamy attitude and a lack of enthusiasm for taking on responsibilities.  The mundane just seems boring in comparison to where your imagination can take you now.  Your partner or loved one can be the instigator for such fantasies and lofty ideals.  It’s a good idea to pay attention to your intuition particularly round the 6th and 7th.  Messages received now can give form to a new vision.  At the very least participating in creative concepts helps express your individuality.  Passion is fuelled and you can be very persuasive.  You may find you are initially on opposing views with someone on the 8th but if you think a little left of field you’ll find that you can heal your differences.  Concentrate and think logically on the 9th for solutions.  People will take your lead if they believe you are making a solid point.  You have the ability mid month to inspire and promote other people’s interests.  By the 17th you may need to prove yourself by putting action behind your words.  Let your character speak for itself and lead by example.  You’ll earn respect and people will value you.  Make the most of this persuasive time because by the 23rd Mercury will go retrograde and cause miscommunications.  It may not be so easy at the end of the month to get your message across.  Love ones can be at the centre of misguided understandings particularly around the 26th.  Pay attention to your intuition but don’t expect to make sense of anything until after Mercury goes direct on the 11th November.


GEMINI (may 22 – jun 21)

This could prove an interesting month, when you’re normally light hearted outlook on life is tested.  You’ll need to look beneath the surface to understand what’s really going on.  No longer can you sweep things underneath the carpet.   The 2nd gives you the first opportunity to lift up that rug and see what needs cleaning up.  You may feel strangely inspired or just completely miffed about what you find.  By the weekend of the 6th an important encounter with someone familiar can help put things in perspective.  Listen to what they have to say and take on board any advice given.  It may not feel comfortable but their words of wisdom that need heeding.  Fortunately a dose of discipline arrives from the 7th – 9th to help set up a solid plan.  Good ideas seem to be sprouting up from nowhere and a sense of synchronistic events helps implement them into reality.  The lunar eclipse on the 19th falls in your community sector.  This is the perfect time for grabbing a cocktail and mixing with a new group – don’t miss the opportunity to expand your social circle.  Things start to slow down from the 21st when your ruler, mischievous Mercury enters his three week retrograde motion.  You know what this means – batten down the hatches – reboot, review and reschedule.  Expect delays and to go over old territory.  Whatever you were doing on the 9th of this month is about to come up for review.  This gives you the chance to iron out any issues before proceeding further.


CANCER (jun 22 – jul 23)

This month starts off with a certain mystique in the air.  What are you dreaming about?  Are you feeling inspired?  Pay attention to your intuition, especially on the 2nd when your muse is ignited.  Those big ideas you have could be just the ticket to big rewards in your future – especially for Cancerians born around 25 June and 2 July.  Life just seems to be going along swimmingly so pay attention to those synchronistic moments and make the most of them.  If doors are closing in front of you – there’s a reason for it!  Don’t bother resisting – especially Cancerians born 2 July.  Let go of outmoded relationships and situations in your life.  Take it as a blessing that new experiences are just waiting on the horizon.  It could all feel a little overwhelming and emotional during the week of the 7th.  Someone important is about to walk into your life, a kindred spirit or someone who just helps teach you a lesson.  Cancerians born 29 June are best positioned for fated meetings that may reveal much that was once hidden.  This could prove quite exciting and very revealing.  Horizons are expanding especially for Cancerians born 11 – 13 July so make the most of opportunities that land at your feet.  The lunar eclipse on the 19th is especially auspicious for Cancerians born 18 July particularly where career moves are concerned – be bold and make an impression.  Things may slow down a little for you during the last week of the month.  This can provide the space you need to take a breath and regroup.


LEO (jul 24 – aug 23)

There’s a lot of action on the home-front this month.  If you’re considering any minor renovations make sure they’re completed before the 21st when Mercury retrograding could create hiccups.  If you’re not physically re-arranging your home then you could be feeling a little nostalgic about family and what those you love mean to you.  This could prove perfect timing for throwing a party and showing everyone how much you care.  Alternatively there could be some fireworks in the mix if you butt heads around the 4th especially Leos born 3 August.  Arguments could help shed light on differing values.  The problem is you’re both as stubborn as each other.  Take the time to listen and understand what the other person wants.  Validating them will go a long way to resolving the issue before you.  The new moon on the 5th is a good peace-making day to bury the hatchet and enjoy pleasantries together.  Be careful of over-indulgence of the 13th when your ruler, the Sun connects with planet of plenty Jupiter.  Moderation will not be your strong suit – so if you’re trying to be good – keep away from temptation.  By the 17th you can break away from the norm.  Do something a little different and unusual.  It’s the perfect time for trying on something that you’d usually avoid which could open doors to meeting eccentric and extraordinary people.  Impulsive spending is also likely so have some expendable income ready at hand.  The lunar eclipse on the 19th falls in your education centre helping promote the expansion of your current beliefs and attitudes.  Leos born 18 August are particularly impacted by the urge to expand their minds through travel or education.  By the 26th your ruler connects favourably with mystical Neptune to put you in a dreamy state.  Don’t expect to be very productive or the rest of the month.


VIRGO (aug 24 – sep 23)

Your immediate environment takes on a serious vibe this month.  Superficial encounters just won’t do and could leave you wanting for deeper connections.  If you find yourself seeking a sense of purpose and meaning in your relationships the 2nd should provide the perfect atmosphere for sentimental moments.  For singles the 6th could be the day for meeting ‘the one’ especially Virgos born around 31st August – 3 September.  It can feel like you’ve met before and something feels familiar about this person.  Attachments can develop quickly putting you in a committed partnership before you know it.  For those already in committed partnerships this person could be a friend or teacher who provides mentorship just when you most need it.  Your personal relationship can undergo an experience which helps awaken the fragility of your relationship as well as what’s most important to you.  The week of the 7th connects you both on profound levels to cement your commitment.  Virgos born around 26 August you’ll need to make some room in your day on the 10th to escape a little.  Just be aware that you may overlook the truth whilst be tempted by the fantasy.  The pursuit of this illusion may continue until the 17th when finally the reality of the situation confronts you.  The more you’ve bought into a fantasy world the harder the thud when you hit the ground of reality.  If you’ve been putting someone up on a pedestal it is likely that they could disappoint you now particularly around the 20th.  You will have plenty of time to review where things went off track when your ruler, Mercury, retrogrades on the 21st.  Trust could be an issue as over the last week of the month you learn who you can rely on and who is not dependable.


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