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Narelle's AstroNarelle Duncan

(Dip Astro; FAA Member; APA Member;

Adv. Dip Nat; ANTA Member; Cert IV Tng)

Narelle Duncan is an award winning Australian Astrologer who uses her natural perceptive gifts to help countless people get in touch with their passion and live their ‘best life’.  For more than 15 years Narelle has infused people with self-awareness.  She is able to decipher an individual’s soul purpose encrypted in their horoscope chart.  Her specialty lies in highlighting life lessons and teachings and providing knowledge and tools to stay ‘on track’ with life’s destiny.

Like a road map, Narelle’s Astrology Readings and classes reveal the intricacies of our personality and why we attract certain people and circumstances into our lives.  Narelle believes in making the best of any given situation and passes this enthusiasm on in her readings, classes and articles.  She gives the ‘heads up’ for the coming year’s events so you can prepare, readjust and get on board with your soul mission.  Narelle regularly conducts personal soul purpose readings, astro-gasmic group astrology classes and 1-on-1 coaching and tutoring sessions in Burleigh Heads – Gold Coast, Australia.

Narelle’s wealth of experience in public relations, lifestyle counselling and natural medicine are evidenced in her captivating speaking engagements.  She has lectured and spoken on a myriad of topics including natural health, relationship compatibility and self improvement.  As founder and director of Healing via Nature’s “Soul Growth Series”™, Narelle discusses the mastership of life’s 12 critical lessons and the steps in the process of personal development and soul evolution.  This wealth of information is imparted in her basic through to advanced Astrology classes.

In the continuation of Narelle’s mission to help people get in touch with their life purpose, she developed the “Soul Purpose” Oracle cards—a 48 card deck and guidebook which reveals a person’s life lesson, life teaching, past life and numerology life path—available on-line and in all good bookstores.

For more information please visit www.narellesastro.com or phone 0011 61 7 5576 3422.