Relationship Compatibility Report

How Compatible are you and your partner...?

Compare the horoscopes of yourself and your partner... whether you've just met, been together for a while or been married for years... this indepth 'Relationship Compatibility Report' provides you with valuable information about your relationship!

Discover why you are attracted to one another... uncover the areas in your relationship where harmony is created and the areas where tension arises. The report discusses your individual identities and emotional needs including:-
  • "Soul Mate" connection
  • Love & Sex compatibility
  • Communication needs
  • Beliefs and Understandings
  • Relationship Challenges
Your report also includes tips for enhancing your relationship. The Report finishes with a Compatibility Graph which rates the level of harmony/tension in the relationship and includes sections on: warmth, security, romance, sexuality, togetherness and family!

Your report is emailed to you directly in pdf format. Please allow 3 days from purchase.
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